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  1. Blog 59: Character Updates!

    Is still in combat with the bandits. It seems we'll be meeting with a new party member (dead) soon--that's always exciting^^.

    Failed her bargaining. Again. Maybe. She's waiting to here back from this priestess of the goddess of luck about a quest that'll let the party acquire some healing potions. It may involve bargaining with a creature from the spirit world, so HOPEFULLY Hildi will hit some luck.

    Is in a fight at a brothel! They ...
  2. Blog 58: Campaign Planning and the RL

    When I did tabletop DMing, I made all my own maps. With giant graph paper and crayon, to be perfectly honest. Why crayon? Color+waterproofing all in one!
    But I can't do that for pbp. I mean, I could, but it would look pretty dang dubious.
    I'm trying to find a good program right now, but it's hard, omg! I have the first map all set up, but there was a real learning curve. I may have to find a different program.

    So sad, omg, I'm at my yoga teacher's ...
  3. Blog 57

    I've never DMed a pbp game before. I want to. I'm working on an interest check for one. But I'm nervous, ya know? Don't wanna give players a boring game--that's part of why I want to run this kinda sandboxy mystery campaign.

    Mystery, so there is a story linking everything together. Hopefully, that will help make it interesting. But sandboxy because it's a world, right? There's lots of other stuff going on.

    I want to make a world that the PCs can interact with and do ...
  4. Blog 56: SONG OF THE BEAST

    THE ROUGH DRAFT IS 100% COMPLETE!!! I can still barely believe it. But yeah, it's all there. It's a rough draft, and there are errors aplenty, but it's an entire campaign and a pretty darn fleshed out setting, so feel free to use for whatever at the mo. Obligatory stat block:

    Pages converted: 258/258 (mostly--there's no appendix E because that's all about tarot, which is information universally available to those with internet access)
    Start date: 2016/9/27
    End date: 2016/11/24 ...
  5. Blog 55: Character Updates!

    Will hopefully get a second chance at bargaining, this time for healing. The dice have just been against her all day, and now she's headed to the temple of a luck goddess. If there were any time for a turnover, it is now.

    Catapulted a kid at his parents and is now trying to break down a door that I mistook for a window get away. Yeah, apparently we're in a hall, not a dining room. My bad. The party is reunited once more, though, which is nice.