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  1. Blog 66: CAMPAIGN

    I'm super excited because--whoohoo!!! The Wuxia Detectives campaign has begun!!!
    Being a detective campaign, an interrogation-lite encounter is about to occur.

    The mechanic is:
    A memorandum interrogation lasts as up to as many rounds as the players have in level, after which you've fatigued your memory. The encounter ends, including the encounter initiative. You can continue to ask questions, but all answers are treated as fact whether they are or not.

    Roll ...
  2. Blog 65: Campaign Planning

    Most of my free time is in the morning and the evening--on weekdays, that is. So, what I'd like to do is to update my upcoming campaign at least once a day and maybe twice.
    Updating the fights will definitely have to happen in a block process because for the rp style of combat, we need:
    1. All the rolls for the round--just the straight up numbers
    2. Me to calculate the environment parameters--pretty easy once I've got the numbers rollv style. I've got an equation for it and some ...
  3. Blog 64: Character Updates!

    Is back in action! And it's new Sharlot, too. She hasn't finished the particular character development trajectory that she's currently on. Right now, she's suffering from withdrawal and sleeplessness, but the second condition is about to be remedied.

    Is trying to get this rod of cursing out of the hands of this brothel witch before she hits another fighter with it. There are only two of them still functioning right now, and Yan's about the furthest from ...
  4. Blog 63: Campaign Dissolution

    As much as I hoped it wouldn't happen, two of the campaigns that I was in have ended--one due to a lack of time and one due to...I'm not entirely sure, but likely more than one factor, including player drop-off.

    I'm about to run a campaign, so I'm taking note of the things that seem to be issues. One of which may be campaign pacing. That's the one that really gets me because it's influenced by both the players and the DM.
    As a (first-time pbp) DM, I'd like to at least update ...
  5. Blog 62: Learning Curves

    I'm working on an application for the World of Darkness 2nd Edition Mage and Werewolf game right now--it's a system I've never used before. That in itself is pretty daunting, but there's also the lore factor.

    The lore is so comprehensive and integrated into the mechanics (it's gotta be because this system is so rp-heavy). On the one hand, I'm loving it! On the other hand, I have no idea if what I'm writing to flesh out the character concept that I have matches the actual lore and ...