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  1. Blog 209: Campaign Novelization

    The end of the Delvehaven dungeon! Spoilers for: Council of Thieves.


    Chapter 20: What Lies in Dust

    The stairs brought them down to long, massive hall choked by dust. Three separate layers of heavy vault doors that had stretched nearly floor to ceiling to bar the way had been torn off their hinges. They now added an uneven, potentially ankle-twisting layer to the floor ...
  2. Gazing at the stars

    Was I close enough to see how others play? I picked a tall tree - one of character definition - and climbed as high as I could. And then I looked, and... all those vibrant colours of words, all that shining... even as a thin stripe of charm at the horizon, my choice of dare was overwhelming. I got so dizzy... I almost fell... But I had to return and look again. And so, I waited until the light redrew in its way-far homes in the sky, close to... where the players live, I suppose, and then I climbed ...

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