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  1. Reading a dance of flames

    It is not any fire, this magic works with. One must use a fuel that knows of the things asked about. And in my case, as what the trees let go so far is, obviously, something I cannot count on in the future I am trying to pry in, it would have to be living wood. But... you know I can´t harm a tree, so... I figured, instead, I could use a fire already magical - some warmth from my heart; you know, where I keep my dream of becoming role-player. And it would not be lost, because I´ll just put it back ...

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  2. Blog 208: Campaign Novelization

    This begins the part of Council of Thieves that we never got to. Spoilers: Council of Thieves.


    Chapter 19: A History of Violence

    They followed Gorvio into an entrance hall nearly as spacious as the one at Aberian’s Folly but not as impossibly lofty as that of the magic vault. Wide wooden stairs curled around the outer walls to the floor above. Dust-cushioned, ...

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