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  1. Current Project: Revising D&D 3.5

    Most everyone will admit that D&D 3.5 is very flawed; from unbalanced classes to a CR system that doesn't work, from skills that are useless to the 15-minute work-day, from the need for some kind of healing (though not necessarily that of a cleric) to the ability for characters who are balanced to a per-round environment to go for twenty encounters without a need to stop as long as they were getting healed.

    In short, there are many problems with the system, and as of yet no published ...
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  2. Little Cow in the Big World

    *Stumbles in* A... a blog? I don't recall this being here.
    Ah well. I'll just record some of my vapid thoughts for now.

    So, one thing I have trouble with is motivating players. I don't really have any trouble coming up with any single adventures, or by occasionally coming up with a campaign idea, but I can't for the life of me figure out a way that doesn't seem forced to motivate any players to work together.
    The thing is that, the traditional ways feel corny. Calling ...
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  3. Fixing the Broken Things

    Well boys and ghouls... you should all give Darren a big pat on the back for I just viewed a stored profiler sheet. He freaking rocks!

    There are a few last details to correct on the user interface pages for the profiler and we hope to have them corrected sometime tonight.

    Once they are complete, we'll be all set to give you your sheets back.

    Since I work evenings, and Darren is on the other side of the planet, it could be another 24 hours before we can let ...
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  4. Early Mornings

    For any of you that play with me, you know I keep a break neck scehdule, consisting a very little sleep and very much work. This is tempered by my weekends which are free of all employment obligations (generally).

    To counter my lack of me time, I get up at 5am, giving me an hour to be here and work on my RP stuff. It's been a good system for quite some time now.

    Unfortunately, my daughter is teething, so sleep is a scarce thing for her. Apparently 5:30 is the new noon. ...
  5. The difficult puzzles

    There comes a time in every campaign where a DM has to sit back in his chair as he plans the doom of his players, and he finds himself bored with the hack and slash combat encounters. It is time to throw a puzzle at the party. A lazy DM will simply find a riddle and ask the players to solve it. The problem with doing this, is a tabletop group will groan and turn to whoever is clever and make them solve it, and this takes it out of the game, especially if the smart guy happens to be playing a barbarian ...

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