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  1. I hate being wrong, but I am man enough..

    So in my last post I was flaming hard on the outbox approach to the current Network code. My mistake. But I hope I can gain a little cred back by both admitting I was wrong and pointing out the code is so convoluted it is hard to understand.

    So the outbox method uses a thread, which is actually very nice. And of course that goes back in, with some minor changes. But the poll thread is staying .. so I have that under my belt.

    Thanks god I have plans to not only explain ...
  2. License to Ill-Communicate

    Sometimes, we all fail to get a point across. It happens. Those times can often be where inflammatory debate happens, what with the world of roleplaying being as it is. Tempers flare up, arguments steadily decrease in rationality and increase in volume and / or capslock. Friendships can be strained over the most ridiculous things, after weathering what could be percieved as far worse.

    Its quite interesting , how within a specific group of people (here I'm talking about people ...
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  3. How Capitolism works (And why it's not in America)

    Ok, so I was gonna lay out some whole big explanation, hedge off arguments before they started, etc. etc.

    None of that is needed. It boils down this simple.

    Capitolism is the natural state of an economy. If there is no outside influence, an economy will become a capitolist economy no matter where it has come from. Barter is capitolism without a standardised form of cash money. I know you can get way more complex then this, but you don't need to. It's just a more complex ...
  4. PF Thoughts: Converting Non-Core 3.5 Base Classes

    **Examples to be added as I have time.**

    Pathfinder RPG has been out for a while now, and there are already tons of fan created conversions of non-core 3.5 base classes into the PF system. I have seen warlocks, beguilers, ninjas, even a favoured soul. Due to the nature of Wizards of the Coast's license on the material, fan conversions are the only way these classes will ever become PF material. This blog post is a collection of thoughts and insights for players and DMs alike to ...

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  5. OpenRPG and Traipse

    OpenRPG is the first Virtual Game Table I ever played on. It's a great piece of software despite some bugs that were rife in older versions.

    OpenRPG is Open Source software and it has all the features necessary to bring the excitement of pen and paper style role playing to the comfort of your computer. It allows a group of friends to get together in their own enhanced chatroom environment. The chatroom allows the Game Master and players to display maps, roll dice, and store character ...
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