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  1. Don't drink and drive angry -or- Road rage against the machine.

    Self-congratulatory blogpost;

    should have posted it roughly a week ago, but I've been so busy with work and things since start of August, I haven't had the chance.

    Got myself something a lil'nice to celebrate 1 year of systematically unscrewing my life over, and being able to start anew, once more, phoenix from ashes, etc. whatever.

    Yes, the stripes ...
  2. The five tentacled horsemen of a good laugh...

    Picture the scene. Maptools, Skype, a group of adventurers, a swamp. About twenty minutes into the session our lovely DM throws 5 tentacled horrors at us; Chuuls. Not ripe for humour? Not normally. Not unless the DM forgets to restrict the tokens to himself. 2 minutes of chuckling later the party rolls initiative to face:

    Questing Beast
    Aerthos Smells
    Chthulhu's Dad

    Sometimes its the simple ones that just work.
  3. Back in Black (Power Armor)

    Mostly that I have not had the chance for a real good rant in a few months, decided that I SHALL OVER MY CURRENT NIGH OBSESSION. Namely....

    In which the rather so jolly Players take control of your average run of the mill genetically modified, tortuously implanted and grown, ruthless fanatical warrior-monks that just happen to be around eight or so feet tall, decked out in black powered exo-skeleton-ish ...
  4. Effects in Pious Paladin Alpha

    I posted a short video today on YouTube today showing off the effects layer. The video is below:

    The idea is pretty basic. I've created a duplicate layer of grid cells that will act to hold and display effects. I've stayed inside the grid cells because that will allow easy reference to the cell location and tracking of objects inside the effect radius. The effects cells can then be modified to display effects that need to be ...
    //root: , //Traipse:
  5. Magic

    ok i am kinda new to dnd i know most of the rules and read a few of the books but there is often lot of debate on many different topics for me for example it's usually restrictions being contradicted in newer material

    Most recently i have been playing around with raptorians a cool race 0la with a flight ability And two prestige classes the sky pledged and storm talons

    Stormtalons are pretty straight forward But sky pledged ..... restriction to only air spells has me a ...