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  1. How to teach first time players to play

    Whilst on stumble upon I found this gem from and I think its only fair that I share it with everyone here, because I think it could be very useful when it comes to teaching new players to play.

    General principles for better play:

    Your ingenuity as a player is far more important than what's written on your character sheet. Think about everything, be strategic and use your characters skills and abilities to your advantage.

    Always ask for ...
  2. A Higher Calling #2: Realization

    The hike back to town took much longer than expected. Nowhere along the way did the adventurers once encounter the zombies they sought. Not even Jarrod, the expert tracker he is, could find a trace of their quarry.

    As the party trod back into the city, Baerwar stopped. "Shouldn't there be more noise at this time of day?" he asked. Even as he voiced this thought, a scream arose to the east.

    "Figures. There can't even be one day without some ...

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  3. Limited "Alpha" Test Run

    Quote Originally Posted by adamx20 View Post
    I am looking for players interested in testing the "Alpha" of Pious Paladin. I am only looking for a few playtesters, around 5-10 max. If you are interested please let me know in the thread here or via PM.

    The test run will begin in a few days. I have one more feature I want completed before actually starting. I will help interested people install Python and PyQt before the test run.

    There are a few things to consider when testing the Alpha.
    • First.
  4. im new to the site

    im new here and i am really really looking for ppl to play some good games with iv have posted in the recruiting office and im just going to go on ahead and post here just so i can cover all my bases. i play dnd, pathfinder, star wars saga and post saga, etc feel free to ask me what kind of games i play but im usally up for any thing new it keep my imagination going. feel free to send me any feed back or advice and especially if you need a player or if your looking for a game cause i use maptool(but ...
  5. History of Vaniya 1: The Grey Elven Empire

    Thousands of years ago, even before humans had even created their first cities or nations, there was an empire. This empire, ruled by the self-appointed “Grey” Elves, was the largest single nation the continent of Vaniya has ever seen. Through means unheard of today the Elves raised monuments to the world and used magic which no mortal man could ever master. It was not long before the Elves had established footholds in every corner of Vaniya, and then not long before they had full control of each ...

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    Chronicles of Vaniya