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  1. Memory Bow: Weapon for Dungeons and Dragons 5e

    Memory Bow
    Bow (any kind), rare (requires attunement)

    This bow is made entirely out of incorruptible wood of pure white color. When you are attuned to this bow and wield it or carry it on your person, you can cast Spare the Dying as an action. When you do, you do not need to touch the creature, the spell's range expands to 120 feet, and it requires no somatic components. You can also cast Speak with Dead as a ritual by using the bow as a material component.
  2. The creation of a system

    Over the past couple years I have been involved in a variety of projects all with one common element. A completely home-brewed systems.

    It started back in MetaWars, originally the idea was to create a basic structure for what was essentially a free-form game. Here I worked with Alexander Tau to make a system that fit the setting he had in mind. While the system we created was full of flaws it was my first real entry into this sort of thing, but served as a lesson in what didn't work ...

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  3. Martial Controller (4e)

    Okay so I recently started playing 4e and one thing has been bugging me. The lack of a martial controller every other power source has a class that fills all the basic roles, Defender, Striker, Leader, and Controller.

    Now the question is how would you do a martial control as controllers focus on AoE attacks, and Debuff effects. So after some thought I have begin working on a concept in my mind. Currently it doesn't have a real name but the concept is as follows.

    A ...

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  4. Freedom Oriented Roleplaying and Combat Engine (FORCE) [take 1.1]

    So (I think) I've just about completed my extremely basic, hopefully easy to use RPG system. I've yet to do any testing, but here is the basic formula.

    (start with 2 points in each attribute,
    you will have an additional 12 pts to spend)

    [it might be wise to limit the number of points spent in any one attribute, but I'm not ...
  5. (4e) Black Powder Weapons [homebrew]

    Just some black powder weapons from my homebrew campaign. Use 'em if you like em, tell me why if you don't.

    Flintlock PistolSuperior RangedOne-Handed
    +21d85-1040 gp5 lbFirearmsOff-Hand, Load standard* (2)

    Pistol BayonetOne-Handed
    +31d6Melee10 gp1 lbLight BladeOff-Hand, Weapon Attachment

    Flintlock ...
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