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  1. Seasons of the forest

    When the forest was born, it was summer. Role-playing shined like a full sun in my heart and made me smile. There was nothing yet, just a spirit of being possible, stretching between what I knew myself capable of and the joy shared by others. :: Then autumn came, even if my forest was so young, a fall from the sky of wishes beautiful to earth, to toil and growth. The sky darkens in autumn, because the shadow of things to learn, to adapt to, the size of which cannot be guessed yet, is as great as ...

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  2. Blog 213: Campaign Novelization

    Happy Chinese New Year's Eve!!! I did a massive update on Wattpad, Council of Thieves, so everything should be caught up with the parts posted here. Speaking of...

    Guess who's back? If you guessed vampires, then yes. The vampires from earlier have returned, with some vengeance.


    Chapter 24: An Army to a Nonbeliever

    Mathal and Gorvio followed Tarvi ...
  3. Blog 212: Campaign Novelization

    This part of the campaign is the climax, so it gets climax-y pretty fast. There's this next part, another blast from the past with Crosael, the majordomo of Arvanxi, and it just ramps up after this both toward character and plot development. This book of the campaign is called The Infernal Engine, and it's not kidding. It's all about taking the characters to Hell. By breaking them. (So they can develop later, but still).

    I'm pretty sure the link that I posted last time wasn't working, ...
  4. Earth´s silent prayer

    Time must have stopped. Somewhere, before dawn. It´s just me now, and walking, forward. A forward of which here, only, and a far, very far there remain. And weight. As if I were the earth, and forward a trail plowed through my flesh. I reach, out, with the cold breath, through darkness. My trees... a burden so light, now, so gentle, like that of small flower buds, waiting, closed. That high only, and... beyond that... ... Oh, sky... Turn towards us once more your face, your smile... :::: It is with ...
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  5. Blog 211: Campaign Novelization

    Spoilers for: Council of Thieves. Yeah, so there was that gigantic explosion from the lord-mayor's manor. What does it all mean? There are some workings at working.

    This part can probably be read after the others without much confusion, but if any recap is needed, most of the older chapters are on Wattpad as Council of Thieves:

    Characters that appear in a blast from the past: Aberten, halfling quartermaster ...

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