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  1. Stained glass

    The morning sky had this yellow hue. It was crisp and gentle. The birdsÖ Is it snowing uphill, though? MartŪn skis. Skis everywhere. He skis all day, even when he isnít skiing. Thatís what he does. Itís what makes him feel good. Under control. All his world is under control. But there she comes, Shivers, with her heavy-duty boots and her tidy, sinister outfit. Itís not even the black clothes of theÖ How are those people called? Just looking at her makes him want that school would backpedal with ...

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  2. Vault of Inspiration Past: Abandoned Concepts for Games (Incomplete)

    I'm somewhat (in)famous for producing game pitches that I will never run. Here are a few that I think might be able to see new life. Open to expansion, obviously.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eyes to the Stars
    Millenia ago, mortal heroes overthrew the gods and set about making themselves the masters of the universe through the use of terrible magic and mighty powers. In their wake they left countless corpses and scores of worlds crushed in their pursuit of glory and strength. When at last they had even destroyed themselves and there

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  3. Play by Post vs. Live games: My thoughts

    Play by Post vs. Discord games

    Recently, I've been working on two different Starfinder games, one I'll be running live on Discord and one here on The Tangled Web. As I've been prepping those games, I've been thinking about the differences in Dming those styles of tabletop playing. The following are just my thoughts on how those formats of playing differ and how they're similar.


    Forum based play by post is inherently a slow ...
  4. Bushido: Alterations to Pendragon 5.1 for samurai games. (Pt. 2)

    Now for armor and weapons: Weapons that are considered 'legitimate' for samurai to wield and that can be trained normally as Knightly weapons are will be labeled (Bushi).
    • Axe (Bushi) : Axes split shields; add 1d6 against Shields. Breaks on a fumble.
    • Wakizashi (Bushi): The smaller of the daishō, covers daggers and short swords, does -1d6 damage, more concealable. Dropped on a fumble. Must be at 10 or higher for Samurai.
    • Kanabō (Bushi): Adds 1d6 damage and ignores

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  5. Bushido: Alterations to Pendragon 5.1 for samurai games. (Pt. 1)

    Collected here are some rulings that I feel might make it possible to convert Pendragon rules to fit feudal Japan circa ~1600 AD.
    Weapons and Skills will likely be the most difficult to cover, so they will get their own post, as will equipment and horses.

    Universal alterations (those that may take effect regardless of the Japanese nature of the game or not):

    Critical Hits:
    When a pair of critical hits would normally tie, a sword breaks a non-sword only when

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