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  1. BMR's Generic Map Tutorial Part 02

    BMR's Map Making Tutorial Part 02

    And we're back with the next part! Before reading this though, make sure that you've read through Part 01 first, otherwise this may all seem like a bunch of gibberish. Here, we'll be adding mountains, rivers, and the sort, so let's get right to it!


    As with the previous parts, you're going to need a texture for the mountains. You can go with whatever you want, but I tend towards a mossy gray. For my mountains, ...

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  2. BMR's Generic Map Tutorial Part 01

    BMR's Map Making Tutorial Part 01

    Difficulty: Intermediate
    • Working knowledge of image editing software
    • How to use layer masks

    So, you've got your homebrew game all up and ready to go. Players are set, dungeons are made, Evil DM Laughter™ is primed. Then, one of your players asks you, "Wait a tick, Mr. Evil DM! I, Mr. Inquisitive Player would like to ask you something. We're currently in the Dungeon of Reasonable Doom, but our base is ...

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  3. Blog 231: Campaign Novelization (End)

    Omg, this is it. This is the last chapter. How's everything, this entire campaign, gonna wrap up in a single chapter? Well, it's possibly more of an open-ended ending than expected. DUN DUN DUN.


    Chapter 42: Terms and Conditions

    The six ran up the black marble stairs and between two of the twelve columns carved with the twelve guises of Aroden that supported the massive dome overhead. Mathal kicked ...
  4. Blog 230: Campaign Novelization

    Here it is. The big final battle. It's got my second favorite title, ahaha. There are parts of the chapter more inspired by Megamind than this movie, but I just couldn't think of a good way to get that into the title, ahaha.

    There are some references to characters who appeared back at the very beginning, so if any recap is needed, all the previous chapters are on Wattpad (, and FF and AO3 as Council of Thieves.
    BUT it's probably not necessary.
  5. Heroes of Eattwe, Ep.4 ~ A Happy Outcome


    Out of their dreamless sleep, the eyes opened to murky light. Some fifteen-twenty yards in front of them, the four found themselves witnessing an astounding scene: Two towering, colossal figures, one dark, one bright, shrouded in mists, were struggling to overcome each other. A demon and an angel they seemed, and their clash, which made the whole place shake, felt like a breaking apart of the world´s fabric.

    This was no dream. The shock waves from that ...

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    Heroes of Eattwe
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