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  1. Magic

    ok i am kinda new to dnd i know most of the rules and read a few of the books but there is often lot of debate on many different topics for me for example it's usually restrictions being contradicted in newer material

    Most recently i have been playing around with raptorians a cool race 0la with a flight ability And two prestige classes the sky pledged and storm talons

    Stormtalons are pretty straight forward But sky pledged ..... restriction to only air spells has me a ...
  2. A Higher Calling: Origins

    Vitruvius and Jarrod

    Vitruvius awoke to find himself in the same place he always finds himself: in his home, smack in the middle of the village where he was born. Every day since he was born, he saw the exact same sights day in, day out. Vitruvius got out of his bed, and he found the mirror. He stared into it to examine himself. As usual, he saw his golden eyes, silver locks, and the long gray-brown beard he had on his chin. No, he was still an oddity. No change there.

  3. A Higher Calling #1


    "Alright then. Just be ready for when the door opens," he said.
    Vitruvius was a tall man, with a strong build and chiseled features. The most outstanding of his descriptors, however, were his long silver hair and his gold eyes. Being an Aasimar, though, these characteristics weren't so strange.

    "We've rounded the corner. There's the door. I'll go break it in.."
    This man, Gaernir, is a powerfully built, though stocky man. Born ...
  4. Geography of Vaniya 1: Overview of the Westermarch

    For all its diversity, Vaniya isn’t the largest of continents. Spanning only a few countries, it still manages to encompass more diversity than any other region in the world. The astounding diversity of land and climates create more cultures, areas and even creatures with its borders. As such, the vast amount of land needed to analyze is more than can be fitted in one chapter. But as an appetizer, let us look at a broad overview of the different landscapes of Vaniya’s (arguably) most important ...
  5. My Return to Glory...I guess

    I've been gone for a while. Apparently a long while. But I'm back, and happy to find that TTW is still just as active as it was when I left.

    Thankfully, I can finally return to our wonderful site to join in on the gaming that I had left behind. And for those of you who remember him, Pharafarr might get back on his feet for another chapter

    Missed ya,