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  1. Freedom Oriented Roleplaying and Combat Engine (FORCE) [take 1.1]

    So (I think) I've just about completed my extremely basic, hopefully easy to use RPG system. I've yet to do any testing, but here is the basic formula.

    (start with 2 points in each attribute,
    you will have an additional 12 pts to spend)

    [it might be wise to limit the number of points spent in any one attribute, but I'm not ...
  2. New system in the works: how does it look so far?

    I've been working on a homemade system that would bring more role-playing into combat, instead of forcing players to chose from a list of pre-made attacks/abilities.

    So far, I've got what appears to me to be a fairly well balanced system for "buying" dice which will then be rolled when a player uses an ability that falls under the category of skills which the dice represent.
    The roll determines both the accuracy and effectiveness of the action taken.