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    Interesting enough. Feels like a halfway between Marvel Heroic and Fate.
    One flaw that appears immediately to me, however, is the point-based system. From what I can see, d20s cost less per average value than d4s, despite the fact that d20s both have a higher cap and an average value more than four times greater than a d4's. Statistically speaking, a d20 is worth more than 3d4, and about on-par with 4d4 (trade the lower cap for a higher minimum). Are you expecting a higher number of dice to be used at later levels?
    I know this was posted in 2010, but I was wondering whether you'd be interested in discussing game mechanics. I'm trying to develop my own system, and I'd like feedback and help if need be.
  2. Sefarian's Avatar
    This was a major problem for me when I was developing the campaign setting I used in my maptool's campaign Duality of Shadows, which is currently on hiatus. What I ended up coming up with was kind of a serial line system since the cosmology in that particular setting is so ridiculously vast.

    More or less, you had several different multiverses called "Dualities". Each of these realities had an overwhelmingly vast number of parallel universes within them, running through an unending oscillation of universal restarts - in essence, each universe inside each Duality would begin, end, and be reborn in a continuous cycle. So with that in mind, the serial I created for identifying universes named the duality, the universe number, the time cycle that universe was in at that date, and the local date relative to where you are inside that universe (dropping this part if you're not in the duality at the time). It looked something like this.

    R-1040.389.05-23-2010AD-E <--Our world today in the Duality of Radiance in hypothetical universe #1040, cycle 389.

    But really, it comes down to how big of a role universes play in your campaign. If you only have a few to worry about, then I just treat naming them and developing them like slightly larger planes. But if your campaign focuses heavily on parallel realities, then it might be wise to come up with something a bit more complex.
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    The name for our Universe is... The Universe (aka The Cosmos). You are at liberty to come up with any naming convention you see fit in order to write fiction that occurs in alternate universes.

    Universe can be defined as: everything that exists anywhere

    Therefore, it would seem to me that the term Universe would contain all alternates. This means that alternate Universes are simply subsets of the parent Universe.

    So far as a naming convention for subsets. I'd go with something simple like,

    -- Universe
    ----- Universe Alpha
    ----- Universe Omega
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    I don't think that really contradicts what I'm saying. I certainly agree that there can be truth in art. As Allen Moore wrote in V for Vendetta "Artists use lies to tell the truth." For me, writing is about expressing the brightest and darkest parts of both myself and looking at some aspect of our world from a unique perspective. While I often do so through a metaphoric (or even symbolic) style, the message beneath much of my fiction is no less honest.

    I sometimes think of characters as vehicles for exploration. They offer a unique point of view; through their experiences, the reader is able to see the world in a new way, and hopefully gain a deeper understanding of life.

    (but kick me if I ever use the phrase "human condition" )
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    Very impressive. Not quite my own point of view but I agree with most of your points.

    I feel the job of the Artist is to show people Truth. We present interpretations and not-always-subtle things that illustrate some aspect of the human condition. If I wish to comment on the horrors of War I will not just talk about it I will create a Story or a Game. Through reading/playing others see what I have seen.

    True Artists cannot hide from the Truth. We try instead to see things as they really are. This World can quite often be very ugly. For every good deed done by a decient person it seems there are 3 horrible things to balance it out.

    In my experience most people live their lives in a bubble of false rationalizations. If something does not directly impact THEIR life it is easy to ignore.
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    You might be right, the original goal was to create a system that was essentially a way to roll dice to add some form of randomness/unpredictability to freeform games. Since then, the system has evolved into something very different, making the name a bit inaccurate.
    I guess I'll work on figuring out a better name.
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    I like what I've read, however I have one problem with the title... Freeform, by definition, has no rules at all I thought. Correct me if I'm wrong. I really like the acronym you created for this too. However, I'm not sure if 'freeform' is the right 'F' term to use.
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    The self reflection is certainly something that leads to depression amongst those that claim to be artists. I think part of my own problem in sitting down and getting creative is that I don't try hard enough to 'put myself' into things I do.

    When I create, lately it has seemed mechanical. There's no heart in it, just the effort.

    I never thought I'd see such profoundness coming from your fingertips SFM... nice writeup.
  9. Ilriyas the mage's Avatar
    I would have to agree with you there, I'd say the only "miracle" in this case is as you put it was the intervention of modern medical science.
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    I like the use of Load Standard. That is a clean way to add new rules.
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    Agreed. It would have been a miracle if half of her brain jumped out of her ear. And not to mention quite a sight to see.
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    Haha, fair enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sexyfunkymonkie
    Does anyone realize that this was meant to be ironic...I fear that what I believed to be a hillarious satire has been seen as nothing more than another angry rant...either that or it just wasn't actually funny.
    No worries. It was just so funny people started ribbin' ya back.
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    Does anyone realize that this was meant to be ironic...I fear that what I believed to be a hillarious satire has been seen as nothing more than another angry rant...either that or it just wasn't actually funny.
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    You know, I feel similarly sometimes.

    Like...nobody REALLY reads your blog you know? Not like they should or anything but, you know what I mean.
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    I get misunderstood a lot. You're welcome.
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    I'm not sure if that was a compliment or if you are just trying to tell me to read your blog...but...thanks?
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    I would have posted earlier but I had to piece myself together from being totally blown away. (see what I did there?)

    I feel I am that important and if you are not listening to me talk then it is your loss. But I also carry a soap box around in my back pocket ... in case I need to stand on something for height. I also practice what I preach .. which is an extremely arduous task considering i spend most of my like standing on my soap box.

    haha. All kidding aside .. I like reading blogs that pertain to my interests or are just plain fun to read. I try and keep mine on that same line of thinking.
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    mwahahahhaha! Couldn't resist... I love that line.
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    see comment #1, lol
    EDIT: also thought the tags suggested that it was a joke
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