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In Character/Fiction

Either something my character is thinking about/experiencing or some other form of fiction.

  1. Naming our Universe.

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    I wasn't sure whether to make this a thread or post it as a blog. (if this is the wrong sub-forum, I apologize) Eventually, I decided to make a thread, since I really want to hear what the beautiful minds of TTW think, and it seems more likely that I would get replies here than in the blogs section. In any case, here is my question/topic of discussion:

    I've been writing a wide variety of short stories and novels for many years now, all of them taking place in "the multiverse".
  2. Saying Goodbye (Katsukura)

    “We’re gonna be fine.” He said, kissing her forehead as he reached across and buckled her seatbelt. “They’ll find someone to help you get better, and then come back for me and everyone else.”
    “Why ca-“
    “Tracey!” he said, his words shredding the question before it could be asked. “Just trust me. You will be safe with them.”
    She nodded, tears rolling down her face. “I love you, Jason.”
    And, for the first time, he could see that it was the truth. He smiled, trying not

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    In Character/Fiction