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SFM's evil laboratory of lawlz and doom!1

4e Homebrew. Most will probably come from my multiverse campaign. If you find something you like here, and especially if you find something you think is unbalanced, let me know.

  1. Freedom Oriented Roleplaying and Combat Engine (FORCE) [take 1.1]

    So (I think) I've just about completed my extremely basic, hopefully easy to use RPG system. I've yet to do any testing, but here is the basic formula.

    (start with 2 points in each attribute,
    you will have an additional 12 pts to spend)

    [it might be wise to limit the number of points spent in any one attribute, but I'm not ...
  2. New system in the works: how does it look so far?

    I've been working on a homemade system that would bring more role-playing into combat, instead of forcing players to chose from a list of pre-made attacks/abilities.

    So far, I've got what appears to me to be a fairly well balanced system for "buying" dice which will then be rolled when a player uses an ability that falls under the category of skills which the dice represent.
    The roll determines both the accuracy and effectiveness of the action taken.

  3. (4e) Black Powder Weapons [homebrew]

    Just some black powder weapons from my homebrew campaign. Use 'em if you like em, tell me why if you don't.

    Flintlock PistolSuperior RangedOne-Handed
    +21d85-1040 gp5 lbFirearmsOff-Hand, Load standard* (2)

    Pistol BayonetOne-Handed
    +31d6Melee10 gp1 lbLight BladeOff-Hand, Weapon Attachment

    Flintlock ...