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Tau Tower

Home of Alexander Tau, Creator and Narrator of The MetaWars! and former TW Admin. Currently King and Game Master of the Imperial Palace

I have always used my Visitor Message area as a personal Forum basically. I reply to people about my Projects right there. But those are not really suitable for large blocks of text.

Blogs have plenty of room.

So I will use this to discuss ongoing, and potential, Projects along the way. I have been creating online RPGs for a couple of decades now and I still find them to be the best games you can play. Become your Character, feel their emotions, and what was a Game becomes something more, something better. All of my Games are designed to suck you in and make you believe it is real so you can experience this powerful effect.

  1. The Art of being a Role Player

    There is one I believe, an Art to being a Role Player that is. I love and respect my Players. They are the reason I create and run Games. The point is for them to have a good time. Well with me the point is that they have one of the best times of their lives but that is just a matter of degree really.

    But I feel a little like Alfred Hitchcock when he said "All actors should be treated like cattle." which to me translates into a definte line between Game Masters and Players. ...