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  1. Effects in Pious Paladin Alpha

    I posted a short video today on YouTube today showing off the effects layer. The video is below:

    The idea is pretty basic. I've created a duplicate layer of grid cells that will act to hold and display effects. I've stayed inside the grid cells because that will allow easy reference to the cell location and tracking of objects inside the effect radius. The effects cells can then be modified to display effects that need to be ...
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  2. Pious Paladin Development Snapshot

    Quote Originally Posted by adamx20 View Post
    I am far enough in development of Pious Paladin that I can release a development snapshot. This is a pre-alpha release. Very little works yet.

    What works
    • Server GUI; starts and shows room and client changes
    • Client; connects to server, receives lobby map data, shows client and room changes
    • Chat; die roller works, chat works, whispers work.
    • Game Tree; imports, saves, exports. Not all nodehandlers work 100%
    • Map; not all features are complete. Saves maps, imports maps,
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  3. Here Comes the Goodness

    Oh man. Traipse development has been steady. Even though I have created several different softwares, each software is a R&D area for a major component of the next milestone of the virtual game table. I now have every component to a level I could at least put together and make a table ... but I wont. Not at this stage.

    I am currently at a major turning point in OpenRPG development. I am working on the Effects layer. Planned development will involve two effects, Light and Dark. ...
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  4. Traipse Code Structure [Part 1]

    This is a repost of my blog post found here:

    Since the next milestone is a near complete rewrite, for the UI it is a complete rewrite, I am given an opportunity to restructure the software and reduce a problem that I felt plagued development in the Ornery Orc. Fragmentation.

    I would rather not give any examples of the fragmentation that has occurred in the previous versions of OpenRPG, since it will likely lead to confusion; the fact ...

    Updated 01-14-2011 at 06:05 AM by adamx20

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  5. OpenCartographer ... some solid advancements.

    It has been again awhile since I've posted over at TTW. Mainly because the web page keeps forgetting who I am and I just got frustrated with entering my information in all the time. :sigh:

    Anywho .. I have been working on some coolness on the side. I worked on an IronClaw dieroller that pulls data from an IronClaw PC Sheet. One special bonus is the little icon that Sanguine provided for the PC Sheet. If you are an IronClaw player, or if your not, you might want to look out for the ...
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