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The Mad Wizard

The Mad Wizard sits at his desk staring into a sheet of obsidian stone. The side facing him emits a low lighting glow, from the likes of which an entirely different world can be seen.

As you enter the lair the head of a large python comes close to your face. Huh, you did not see him cleverly hidden there. The python says to you, "I am Root, welcome to the Mad Wizard's lair ... the index is:"

//root: Python ravings, either good or bad.
//Traipse: All about the Traipse development.
//Mice: Cool places I visit on the web.

My blog is going to be about my code wizardry and how I am reshaping Traipse. My python familiar, Root, is always there to assist me.

From time to time I will also post dupes from my Wordpress blog.

  1. Limited "Alpha" Test Run

    Quote Originally Posted by adamx20 View Post
    I am looking for players interested in testing the "Alpha" of Pious Paladin. I am only looking for a few playtesters, around 5-10 max. If you are interested please let me know in the thread here or via PM.

    The test run will begin in a few days. I have one more feature I want completed before actually starting. I will help interested people install Python and PyQt before the test run.

    There are a few things to consider when testing the Alpha.
    • First.
  2. Effects in Pious Paladin Alpha

    I posted a short video today on YouTube today showing off the effects layer. The video is below:

    The idea is pretty basic. I've created a duplicate layer of grid cells that will act to hold and display effects. I've stayed inside the grid cells because that will allow easy reference to the cell location and tracking of objects inside the effect radius. The effects cells can then be modified to display effects that need to be ...
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  3. Pious Paladin Development Snapshot

    Quote Originally Posted by adamx20 View Post
    I am far enough in development of Pious Paladin that I can release a development snapshot. This is a pre-alpha release. Very little works yet.

    What works
    • Server GUI; starts and shows room and client changes
    • Client; connects to server, receives lobby map data, shows client and room changes
    • Chat; die roller works, chat works, whispers work.
    • Game Tree; imports, saves, exports. Not all nodehandlers work 100%
    • Map; not all features are complete. Saves maps, imports maps,
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  4. Here Comes the Goodness

    Oh man. Traipse development has been steady. Even though I have created several different softwares, each software is a R&D area for a major component of the next milestone of the virtual game table. I now have every component to a level I could at least put together and make a table ... but I wont. Not at this stage.

    I am currently at a major turning point in OpenRPG development. I am working on the Effects layer. Planned development will involve two effects, Light and Dark. ...
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  5. Traipse – Code Structure [Part 2]

    This is a repost of a blog post found here:

    This next part of the blog post centers around some variable names for objects that I want to make common place in the code. In the last post I showed how names like ‘widget’ and ‘layout’ are designed to be common, but there are a few other names that I wanted to list. I’ll start with the previous so the list is more complete.

    Common Names
    • widget – Common name for a returnable
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