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    My Wishes - no JavaScript version

    I present here the contents of the ´spoiler´ from Episode 1, Part 1 of Errandûrr´s story, entitled ´My Wishes´. The purpose is to make them available for future reference, also to those of you who choose to not enable JavaScript in their browsers.

    [OOC: Playing here allows me to keep Errandûrr´s fate under control.

    I want him to first become a real Ranger and then to arrive as close as possible to his goals that, whatever happens with him from the moment I let go of control, he could look back on his life without much regret. Behind his development, it shall be my growth, both as a handler of Ranger oriented information, and (more importantly) as a role-playing partner.

    While Errandûrr is in training, there will not be gaining of experience points; and, consequently, leveling-up. Although it could be possible to play along characters developed in the usual way, because I´m not prepared to act as a usual GM, I ask willing participants to accept this same restriction, of not leveling up, for their characters. Errandûrr starts a bit below level 1, but every other Main Character can be level 1 of their chosen Class; the DnD 5e definitions, the only ones with which I am familiar, apply.

    Then, you could ask, if not leveling-up, what would define our characters´ progress? what would give us a sense of satisfaction, if not the freedom of wielding their advanced powers? I feel inclined to answer: Let us find out together! -and- Well, that´s the challenge! - But I add that small characters can be great in other ways than through the powers usually quantified by a game-world rules system, that it is the characters´ real character that makes them heroes, most likely. And, like they say, it will be ¨an honor and a privilege¨ to witness the light of your personality, and of your soul, beyond that, shining through the chosen roles. ...Does it sound like a burden? We should also be having fun. Although I may not be as able to provide that as you are... But I invite you along with the fun you know you can bring to a party :) My ¨specialty¨, which I hope for and pray to summon each time, is artistic expression. I aim for beauty, to interact with you in the beauty, in grace. You bring excitement. I´ll bring enchantment, ideally... Is it a deal? But if you´ll feel like bringing the enchantment too - and I know quality fun to be able of casting such a sweet spell on the soul... - I´ll be happy with just putting the story together and watching you soar. And, of course, if you´re not feeling inspired, or you´re just bored, I´ll be welcoming your return in as small an amount of participation you would find comfortable to express by; and I´ll try to make things as fun as possible, by myself. Anyway, what we have here is an opportunity to do things differently, and I believe - that is, I have this fateful feeling - that the restriction of not leveling up can offer us at least as much chance of enjoying our time together, as the course of traditional play.

    Another matter related to Errandûrr´s evolution is the slowness of it. And slow growth is motivated by the wish to keep him safe against dangers he could not handle. The reasonable justification for that will be in making him cautious, careful, with focus on prevention, rather than on facing perilous trials.

    Then, you could ask, if there is no real danger, wouldn´t we lose from the fun of playing? After all, we play also for being able to imagine dangers we would keep away from in real life. And to this I say that fun can be had at avoiding dangers, at being smart enough to stay safe, while we´re achieving something. That last part is key. The fun is in achieving things without being in danger, while a more careless approach would expose you to it. I aim at having and sharing with you as complex and as balanced a rp experience as possible. I want both realism and fiction, both safety and enjoyment, both to progress and to take my time, both to become a suitable play companion and to be with you as at the end of becoming. And I want more: for my expectations to be exceeded, something that only harmony between people makes possible.

    (continued in next comment)
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    (continued from previous comment)

    • And still, as also deep inside Errandûrr longs for the company of kindred souls, as any being, he will now and then take the risk of having at least a bit of what he sees others share, by looking for bits of those treasures to bring to the surface himself. And, whether they appear in the energy of his presence, or in his conversation, the light caught in these tiny gems often surprises him as much as others.
    • This is what Errandûrr could say about himself.
    • - strengths
    • self-controlled
    • organized
    • - weaknesses
    • At level 1: merely trying to pass as a Ranger based on knowledge gathered from books and the relationship he hopes he has with nature; no experience from training with a professional.
    • He is reluctant to approach magical effects and items, as well as magic wielders, as he could not guess the influences on his soul condition; the risk of having his curse grow in strength is too dangerous to take.
    • His forced secludedness may cause him to feel sympathy for monsters, and he could feel inclined to spare the life of those who attacked out of fear, out of an instinct of self-defense.
    • He´d find it very difficult to end a life, especially of a non-monstrous, natural being, as he feels a connection with all living things; this also applies to the deadliest of beasts. The only exception would be the case of a creature who became so corrupted by evil that life in it has become a mere prisoner of defilement (however, he would need to have quite some worldly experience between thinking like this; a change of alignment should not be necessary).
    • While unsure whether nature will receive him in its midst, eventually, back as in childhood, or if he can only take part in it as a usual ranger, or hunter - by understanding the place of every living thing, including his own, and by abiding to its laws - Errandûrr finds it very difficult to cut tree branches, or bark, to gather plants, or to hunt for food, whenever his role as a ranger demands it.
    • - deity
    • none to identify by name
    • most suitable domains: Life, Light, Nature


    • - the abridged version
    • Errandûrr was found in the woods when he was a baby. He was raised by an awakened tree, by animals, and by Fey folk; who also divined his name. He grew up feeling he is a part of the forest, and knowing that he can depend on it for all his needs. The first language he spoke was Sylvan.
    • He had a wound to his soul, caused by dark magic, which the Fey only managed to keep in check with their knowledge of medicine. That darkness grew with Errandûrr and he was forced to draw away from a usual life among others, in order to stand guard against that evil´s spreading inside and taking over him. As he felt less and less that he belonged, he considered leaving the woods in search for his natural parents and for a cure.
    • An opportunity presented itself, when the old hermit he used to keep company with now and then, needed being taken care of. Errandûrr stayed in his house, providing for him, until he died, time during which he learned to speak, read, and write Common.
    • With a letter from the old man, Errandûrr then reached a town, where he was given a copyist´s job at the local library. For a few years, he searched through archives for a clue to his origins, he read about magic and learned by himself some Elvish. His conduct at the job, as outside of it, left no room for reproach.
    • He made few acquaintances among the town´s youth, and he learned to fit in, from a distance. His only close friends, he felt, where the trees outside the town´s walls. His will to keep the darkness at bay inside hardened, but his heart, where solitude grew, slowly lost strength.
    • The time came when he realized that he can make no more progress on his quest while staying in the town. And he began to prepare for taking on a life role which would offer him more opportunities. He considered presenting himself as a ranger, hoping that his past of living in the woods has provided enough experience to get him started.
    • Hoping he can still rely on a connection with nature, in spite of the separateness which marked his growing up, he turned to his inspired, yet undeveloped, poetic side to communicate by. Its softness, along with discipline, and with having to rely more on things read instead of practice, define his approach to life.
    • - the complete version
    • please follow the appropriate Link

    Following Events

    • -

    Hopes & Worries

    • for the latest situation, please see the blog post Preparations(the Errandûrr category)
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    (continued from previous comment)


    • estimations for full equipment: 55 lb, 35 gp
    • - items equipped most of the time
    • Traveller´s Clothes: 5 lb; 2 gp. Understood to include: undergarments and socks; pants, a jacket or thick shirt, and a belt; boots and a sun hat.
    • Dagger: 1 lb; 2 gp. Worn at the belt, on the left side.
    • Shortbow: 2 lb; 10 gp. When assembled, may be worn on the left shoulder (vertical position) or held in hand; otherwise, the stave is held in hand. During a short sprint (like, for taking cover), may be secured with the left hand.
    • Quiver: 1 lb; 1 gp. Worn on the right shoulder usually; may be strapped to the belt in special cases.
    • Arrows (20): 1 lb; 1 gp. Held in the quiver.
    • these are the items assumed equipped during most fights; the highest speed value specified corresponds to their exclusive use
    • - items equipped while traveling
    • Backpack: 5 lb; 2 gp. Worn with both shoulders. Has a belt which fits over the belly; in use while no dangers are detected in the vicinity.
    • - items strapped to the backpack
    • Bucket: 2 lb; 0.05 gp. Firmly secured to the backpack with cords; so that it would not move while walking. Placed towards the lower right side of the upper body (on top of the backpack).
    • Handaxe: 5 lb; 2 gp. Placed towards the lower left side of the upper body (on top of the backpack).
    • Shovel: 5 lb; 2 gp. Placed centrally over the backpack.
    • Waterskin: 5 lb (full); 2 gp. Secured to the backpack with cords. Positioned across the bottom of the backpack.
    • - items held inside the backpack
    • Bags (small, with Spices and dry Herbs): 0.3 lb; 4 gp (bought contents). Guessed weight and price.
    • Brush (small): 0.3 lb; 0.1 gp. Guessed weight and price.
    • Chalk (2 pieces): 0.1 lb; 0.02 gp. Guessed weight.
    • Cloak (waterproof): ? lb; ? gp
    • Comb (small, light): ? lb; ? gp
    • Cordage (thinner than Rope, 15 ft or so): ? lb; ? gp
    • Fishing Hooks (5, small): 0.2 lb; 0.1 gp. Guessed weight and price.
    • Lamp: 1 lb; 0.5 gp
    • Mess Kit: 0.1 lb; 2 gp
    • Nails (10, steel, short): 0.2 lb; 1 gp. Guessed weight and price.
    • Needles (3) and Thread (brown): 0.2 lb; 0.1 gp. Guessed weight and price.
    • Oil (2 flasks): 2 lb; 2 gp.
    • Pot (iron, 0.2 gal): 2 lb; 0.4 gp. Price and weight calculated based on those of the 1 gal Pot.
    • Rations (3 days): 6 lb; 1.5 gp
    • Sack (x2): 1 lb; 0.02 gp
    • Scissors (nails) and Tweezers (thin, 2 in): 1 lb; 1 gp. Guessed weight and price.
    • Soap (3 small bars): 1 lb; 0.06 gp
    • Tinderbox: 1 lb; 0.5 gp
    • Toothbrush: ? lb; ? gp
    • Undergarments (1 set), Socks (3 pairs), and a Towel: 1 lb; 1 gp. Guessed weight and price.


    • - general traits (also see -presence below)
    • Errandûrr is characterized by a tempered secludedness, which implies keeping a low profile, and not expecting from social interactions much on a personal level; still, being polite and moderately courteous, as it befits a man of low stature.
    • Errandûrr´s personality is not completely determined at the moment. The difficult situations that he will encounter while traveling will contribute to shaping him further.
    • - ideals
    • His ideal is to feel whole, to which end he has engaged in pursuing three definite goals (see below).
    • - bonds
    • His bonds are his quests: to find his parents, to cure his soul - so that he can enjoy life among others fully, and to attain communion with nature (once more).
    • However, his adventures may determine new bonds which are not subordinated to his quests, but which have to do with a heart´s desire for light, even if perceived only in the opposite to what the darkness tempts or would drive him to do.
    • - flaws
    • His flaws may be found anywhere his secludedness and his curse cast a shadow.
    • This does not mean that Errandûrr would decline responsibility for any misconduct or choices on account of the curse. He has already accepted his role as gatekeeper against the inner darkness, and does not expect (or welcome) any lenience on account of his unfortunate situation; to see that he is treated as an equal makes him feel a bit in that way which would be experienced fully after succeeding in his quests.
    • What it does mean is that the secludedness and the darkness may influence his behavior; sometimes in ways he may not be aware of.
    • - presence
    • He resembles a lake.
    • From a distance, a passing glance would catch no more of him than a pale gleam of social grace, or else could easily miss him altogether.
    • The stranger engaging in a casual conversation would perhaps feel the stillness, the calm which remind of a lake´s surface. They may easily get bored too, should Errandûrr choose to ignore the person. But none could feel that they have been ill-treated, as Errandûrr´s self-control, throughout the years, approached in appearance, at the surface of his behavior, what is generally perceived as politeness. He is just not an exciting person to be around...
    • Only those who would be brought closer to him by things shared in special circumstances, and maybe those wise, those tried enough in their hearts to perceive past appearances, may notice the tension from deep within, as a monster fish lurking in a lake´s darkness.
    • But to reach any treasures that may also lie in that depth, it would take someone very brave to dive after them; or someone stealthy enough to follow him unnoticed in his walks among trees...

    (continued in next comment)
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    I present here a version of the sheet without ´spoiler´ type buttons, for those of you who prefer to not enable JavaScript in their browsers.


    Game Data

    • player name: Erran
    • game-world rules system: DnD 5e
    • character status: in training, to become fit for his class; about to embark on a journey of learning
    • campaign: not currently participating in a regular one


    • his earliest definition and complete backstory: part 1, and part 2
    • his dedicated blog pages, including parts of his story: here
    • his myth-weavers sheet: here; for that distant future of participating in an actual PbP forum thread campaign...


    • race: Half-Elf
    • gender: male
    • age: 22
    • height: 6 ft
    • weight: 185 lb
    • thin-medium build
    • pale bronze skin
    • medium brown hair
    • dark brown eyes
    • no scars
    • no posture irregularities
    • no movement impediments
    • traveler´s clothes, drab colors
    • may be seen carrying a thin branch as walking stick; usually outside settlements


    • class: Ranger
    • level: ~1 (in training)
    • background: Sage (-like)
    • alignment: Lawful Neutral (tending towards Good)
    • experience: 0 (currently not used)

    Abilities, Assets

    • passive perception: 12
    • initiative: 1d20 +2
    • armor class: 10 (no armor)
    • - saving throws
    • Constitution: 1d20
    • Strength: 1d20 (not applying the +2 bonus from his class; however, may take into account a +2 bonus in extreme situations when Errandûrr would gain extra strength from his heart - most likely to protect a being he is attached to)
    • Dexterity: 1d20 +4
    • Wisdom: 1d20 +2 (+4, instead, against attempts at being charmed or put to sleep; my choice, to replace racial invulnerability)
    • Charisma: 1d20 +1
    • Intelligence: 1d20 +2
    • - health
    • 10 maximum hit points
    • 10 current hit points
    • 0 death save successes
    • 0 death save failures
    • hit dice: d10
    • - speeds (ft per 6 sec)
    • 28 (just clothes and weapons)
    • 20 (all equipment carried)
    • M per day (8 h), on foot: 18.2
    • -
    • proficiency bonus: 2
    • initiative: 1d20 +2
    • - physical attacks and defenses
    • Dagger: 1d4 piercing damage; 1d20 +4 chance to hit; finesse, light, thrown (range 20/60 ft)
    • Shortbow: 1d6 piercing damage; 1d20 +4 chance to hit; ammunition (range 80/320 ft), two-handed
    • - combat oriented spells (see -spellcasting below for everything else about that topic)
    • none
    • - combat related features
    • light and medium armor proficiency
    • proficiency with the weapons he uses
    • -
    • - spellcasting
    • casting ability: Wisdom
    • spell chance to hit: 1d20 +4
    • spell save DC: 12
    • spell slots: 2
    • number of prepared spells: 3
    • level 0 spell: none for his class
    • level 1 spell: -
    • level 1 spell: -
    • level 1 spell: -
    • level 2 spell: -
    • level 2 spell: -
    • -
    • - ability scores (and modifiers)
    • 11(0) Constitution
    • 10(0) Strength
    • 14(2) Dexterity
    • 15(2) Wisdom
    • 12(1) Charisma
    • 14(2) Intelligence
    • - skills
    • Arcana
    • Insight
    • Medicine
    • Nature
    • Perception
    • Survival
    • -
    • - languages
    • Common: average skill
    • Elvish: very limited skill
    • Sylvan: limited skill (just speaking)
    • something just between him and nature, probably, is what I mentioned in his earliest description as ¨the language of the heart¨
    • - other features, not combat related
    • Darkvision (but trained, not inherent by race; to be improved by practice)
    • the sleep needs of a Human: Errandûrr is not built for sustained effort, especially physical. He needs to balance effort with rest to stay healthy, psychically safe, and to make good use of his mind and senses.
    • ability at gaining knowledge from books (self-educated)
    • Favored Enemy: Fey (level 1 class feature; he used to play with fey children when he was little - ¨enemy¨ refers to competition only in this context)
    • Natural Explorer: Forests
    • -
    • - valuables
    • money: 6 cp
    • other:

    (continued in next comment)
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    A summary of the guidelines:

    Be nice? [A.]

    There can be other PCs than Main ones. [B.1.]

    It is possible to participate otherwise than through a PC. [B.2.]

    A wide array of Storytelling rights is possible. [B.3.]

    The Story Host runs the show. [C.1.]

    Rights may be granted based on objective and subjective criteria. [C.2.]

    There shouldn´t be more than one Main Character per player, and no more than a few PCs per player, in total. [C.3.]

    Other PCs than Main ones need not play a consistent part in the story. [C.3.]

    A NPC can become a PC. A PC can become an NPC. [C.3.]

    PCs´ evolutions should fit the story line. [C.3.]

    It is possible to influence the story by describing events or static game world elements. [C.4.]

    Storytelling rights can be temporary, one-time even. [C.5.]

    Everyone making a comment is a Story Guest. [C.6.]

    There can be very simply defined PCs. [D.1.]

    A Character Sheet may not be needed for a very simply defined PC. [D.2.]

    Degrees of character definition complexity: something of the appearance and something of the items in use; the name, more of the appearance, something of the skills, the social and employment status; a quantification of abilities and assets, the character´s classification; psychological and back-story matters. [D.4.]

    A blog post would cover one part of an episode. [E.1.]

    Comments may determine continuation pass a part´s end point. [E.2.]

    Participants can make suggestions for the following part´s end point situation. [E.3.]

    Players with Main Characters should have in view possible end point situations. [E.4.]

    At a part´s end point, it may be specified what kind of content the comments may have. [E.5.]

    Content of the participants with fewer Storytelling rights can be developed by those with more. [E.5.]

    Participants should have in view the story´s coherence. [E.5.]

    More extensive Storytelling rights mean higher priority of comments content. [E.6.]

    Between content offered with equal Storytelling rights, the dice may decide priority. [E.7.]

    Beside presenting story content, an episode part contains OOC dialog with the participants. [E.8.]

    Play could be moved to the PbP forum section, while maintaining the blog interface with other players than those having Main Characters. [F.]
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    a list of the colors used in each paragraph, for those interested

    Before, a few observations:

    While Black is emotionally neutral, of the closest hues used - DarkBlue and Purple, only the second borrows from Black´s meaning. Purple makes here the transition of embarrassment from a romantic (tendency) spark towards not feeling anything. DarkBlue, on the other hand, is placed between an undefinable bottom of spades-emotions and the less negative blues of the spades - most of the hues in use placing emotions around a border between spades and hearts.

    Of the other blues used, SteelBlue is seen as a mix of Grey and Blue, with a meaning of ¨steeling one´s self¨ while still feeling vulnerable. Then, RoyalBlue stands for deep melancholy - a contemplation of limitations, at the age of suffering (not necessarily crossing). CadetBlue is between the blues at the border spades-hearts and the greens. It stands for compassion, acceptance, and for having overcome and incorporated difficulties into normality. CornFlowerBlue is romantic and involves distance which can´t be estimated or crossed. DodgerBlue, the brightest of the all, is used for the highest hearts-emotions.

    The use of other colors may not need additional explanations. Teal makes an obvious good transitional color in between CadetBlue and ForestGreen. PaleVioletRed seems to work best for expressing romantic-closeness surprise. For everything else, the comment to my Foreword blog post should be sufficient.

    The list of colors used, now:

    ¨Before we begin, a few words(...)¨ - MediumOrchid, BlueViolet, Black (links), BlueViolet

    ¨For a few moments, Errandûrr´s hand(...)¨ - SteelBlue, Black, SteelBlue, RoyalBlue

    ¨He waited, therefore, until a slight(...)¨ - SteelBlue, CadetBlue

    ¨Errandûrr raised his eyes from the(...)¨ - Black, CadetBlue, CornFlowerBlue, DodgerBlue, CornFlowerBlue

    ¨Another kind of slight pain, suddenly(...)¨ - CadetBlue, Black

    ¨These minor gestures, carefully guided by(...)¨ - Black, CadetBlue, Teal, ForestGreen

    ¨He wrapped the fork in the(...)¨ - Black, CadetBlue, CornFlowerBlue, Black

    ¨He browsed for a few moments(...)¨ - CadetBlue, SteelBlue, CadetBlue, CornFlowerBlue, CadetBlue, CornFlowerBlue

    ¨Errandûrr snapped the book shut and(...)¨ - PaleVioletRed, Purple, Black

    ¨He liked to work in a(...)¨ - Black, CadetBlue, CornFlowerBlue, Black, CadetBlue

    ¨His mind was pretty much made(...)¨ - CadetBlue, SteelBlue, Black, DarkBlue, SteelBlue

    ¨With these reflections, he always managed(...)¨ - CadetBlue, SteelBlue, CadetBlue, CornFlowerBlue

    ¨A whole afternoon sometimes passed like(...)¨ - Black, CadetBlue

    ¨His feet, while he walked on(...)¨ - Black, CadetBlue

    ¨He would share everything with them(...)¨ - CadetBlue, SteelBlue, RoyalBlue, CornFlowerBlue

    ¨Answers did not come while he(...)¨ - CadetBlue, SteelBlue, CadetBlue, CornFlowerBlue, DarkBlue, RoyalBlue, CadetBlue, CornFlowerBlue, DodgerBlue, CadetBlue, CornFlowerBlue, SteelBlue

    ¨Their intimate time together had lately(...)¨ - Black, CadetBlue, CornFlowerBlue, CadetBlue

    ¨The return home was marked usually(...)¨ - SteelBlue, Black, SteelBlue

    ¨But most of the time he(...)¨ - Black

    ¨A thin, improvised wall of wood(...)¨ - Black, CadetBlue, SteelBlue, CadetBlue, CornFlowerBlue

    ¨He was aware that he could(...)¨ - Black

    ¨Evenings, the slow exercise helped him(...)¨ - CadetBlue, Black, CadetBlue, CornFlowerBlue, Black

    ¨Now, at the end, a few(...)¨ - MediumOrchid, BlueViolet
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    myth-weavers´ sheets section was out of order + I wanted to modify the sheet - I did not afford to feel bad about it or postpone = this was the result

    This sheet describes the current situation of Errandûrr. I would prefer it to the standard one, at least until he will take part in a usual campaign.

    Major changes are: taking Medicine instead of History, and the reduced equipment list (with some corrections about items placements too).

    With regard to the first, a short explaining note was added to the first comments of Errandûrr´s definition. The second is addressed in the comment to the ¨Preparations¨ blog post.
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    While his mind did pick up bits of historical information while browsing through the town hall´s archives, all was easily sent to a very distant place in Errandûrr´s memory as soon as he started to learn about being a Ranger. Underneath that: The ¨Ranger¨ class oriented studies have raised healing to a much greater level of importance than general DnD general settings information; besides I am more interaction- than store&recall oriented anyway.
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    I briefly deal here with two matters that couldn´t easily be found a place in the story. The first is that of Errandûrr living in his benefactor´s home. The second is that of his starting equipment´s price. What these two have in common is that he couldn´t afford much on a copyist´s salary.

    A suitable history of his lodging may have him move out of that man´s house after a first few months, there to be again lodged from the moment when he announced his plans of travel. The reason would be to help him save money for traveling expenses. Factors that may have contributed to this decision are: that family not having children, Errandûrr´s good reputation, a very low local crime rate.

    By leaving out certain items, the function of which either can offered by other items, or would be better justified when he has become an experienced ranger and regular team member, I managed to bring his equipment down to a minimum, worth about 35gp. It includes a few items not mentioned so far: some thin cordage, a toothbrush, a comb, and a waterproof cloak. I will make the appropriate changes to the sheet at a suitable time. The reduced list would be found under Other Notes.

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    I will be using a particular style throughout Errandûrr´s episodes. A comment to this introduction seems like a good place to present it.

    In general, italics and ´single quotes´ will be employed for quoting (another´s speech, a book´s contents etc.) and to depict inscriptions (a tavern´s name, a book´s cover title etc.). Speech will be enclosed in ¨quotes (double)¨. Accentuated words are underlined. ALL CAPS will be used, as usual, for shouting. Parentheses() are for whispering. Outside of speech, parentheses maintain their usual role of conveying tangential information.

    The standard style (Black color, not in bold) will be used for all things external to my character (like the description of a place, or of an npc, the speech of an npc etc.).

    For my character´s behavior, actions and thoughts, the text will be set in bold. [Update: Bold is no longer used in combination with Black and DarkBlue. Colors, the lighter they are, the more they seem to need Bold to make words legible. But Black and DarkBlue text just stands out too much in Bold, and the contrast cannot be explained by emotions. I decided to keep the Bold setting for SteelBlue and Purple colored text, among other dark-but-no-so-dark colors because of the emotional emphasis Bold conveys.] Color will be used to indicate emotional content; while Black will imply emotional detachment. During the time I could dedicate to a study of colors-emotions associations, I was unable to precisely determine their whole spectrum. However, the following general guidelines may be sufficient for making approximately good choices:

    The emotions could be organized by the criteria of meaning inherent in the four suits of playing cards/tarot; and I give here a personal interpretation. The spades could stand for passive negative feelings, the hearts for passive positive ones, the diamonds for the active positive, and the clubs for the active negative. In this case, the spades and the hearts would cover a wider range of usual feelings than the other two categories. Consequently, wider ranges of color would be associable to the first.

    Thus, in my view, spades-emotions would be described by hues of brown (like SaddleBrown and DarkGoldenRod - to indicate nuances of loneliness, depression, dullness etc.; the Blue color could probably be used too), grey (like SlateGrey - to indicate coldheartedness), and muddy greens (for jealousy, greed maybe; Olive was the only example I could find).

    Then, hearts-emotions would be described by brighter hues of blue (like DodgerBlue, CornFlowerBlue; but not Blue itself! - for soft melancholy and romanticism which involves distance; also pity) and red (like LightCoral, DarkSalmon; but not Red itself! - to describe cheerful romantic or compassionate feelings which involve closeness).

    For the diamonds-emotions of being positive and energized, friendly and fair, Green and ForestGreen, which is very close to the first in hue, seem sufficient.

    And for the clubs-emotions, hues very close to Red are enough (OrangeRed for excitement, Crimson for anger, Red itself for having that extra energy of action that may hurt others or go into some unusual effort).

    In all cases of emotional content however, I will try my best to convey enough meaning through words, that the reader would not have to rely on the colors-emotions associations depicted here for understanding what happens.

    OOC will use MediumOrchid and BlueViolet for text, no bold, no italics. Exception make quotes, which will use the original formatting.
    Inline OOC will be enclosed within square brackets[]. Both the OOC button label and the brackets will be Black.

    Assuming that the page/background color has a light hue, I avoided light hue colors in my selection.

    I think I have addressed all the aspects of PbP text formatting. Of course, I will return to make appropriate changes when need arises. Again: These choices are just for my posts. I can´t think of any good reasons why anyone else would need to consult this reference...

    For more colors, see my tests and the official, complete list.
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    While writing, being so serious about everything, an image came, as a joke, to keep company. And I waited until the end to share it with you: The image of you on a shore calling a fish out to play - and the fish trying to bring the ocean with it. I may be over thinking things, really, trying to grow legs from fins and such, but the real issue at hand is about walking as if I would be back there, in the water. What can I say... This evolution game is as hard as role-play...
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    More to the surface of things, I see that I am simply not what you would call a natural in those aspects of life, or of experiencing life, which one brings along when jumping into role-play. I think I could bridge some, like the behavior descriptions I so often see coming up in stories with inner world experiences - like in the examples of Errandûrr´s reaction given in this post; patched up with only a few behavior related words. But when it comes to what my character expresses towards the other characters, when it comes to their interactions, to what is communicated through gestures and actions - not having that feeling of naturalness is something I simply cannot get over. But I Feel I can gain it, given time. And also, I hope that it will be inspired, as said before. Because in that interaction I would be finding what I came here for, to experience among you. So in my understanding, I seek not to become an expert, but to become natural in the things you are natural, while bringing in, of myself, the best I can. And if, at times, the mixture of all these things, good and less so, which make up my psyche and intellect, would amount to something usual of an expert, of course, I would rejoice. But I prepare for something under that: a constancy of only good enough. And good enough is something as much in tune with what the others experience, both through actual expression and how I feel when I express (that is, a natural, eventually), that it would allow inspiration to shine through, at least a little.

    I am also preparing myself for the case when signs will not come. When this period of gathering outdoors information, after which I will dedicate my efforts to getting as much as possible in-character with Errandûrr, would end without being matched by a sufficient progress inside. In that case, ReWAl, I would be doing just what you recommend in your message. I would be then equipping any expression available; however poor. And keep walking towards my ideal of interaction from then on. I believe TTW and its community is one of the places to do this; the one I chose, in my case. I wouldn´t be happy for some time, perhaps, but still, I would be among you. And that´s half of the dream.
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    Now, I expect that to a great many people this much attention given to the soul, or otherwise put, to the softer aspects of one´s nature, amounts to losing in strength of decision and of taking action. For example, that I have not started to play yet could be regarded just as a consequence of that loss. I hope that I have sensed correctly what you were trying to keep me safe from, with the words ¨really over-¨ and ¨worry¨; or to help me move over with ¨just try¨. But, friend, these difficulties, this effort, of which the emotional aspect is only an outer layer, I chose to assume in hope to reach you people with as much depth of my being as possible. And that is because I know the best things to come from there. And I want to live this best of myself among you, as only that would make me, at least, happy. It is, in a way, similar to having gotten used to an exquisite taste of wine, then to be unable to appreciate anything less refined. But it is more, as life seldom occasions experiencing peaks; and ridges even less often. It is desire to approach with even the more common wine - and please see that I am first and foremost referring to what I offer others - and have it transformed by that source of refinement before it touches the taster´s lips, as writing. And the only way I know to aim for that inspiration is to walk this long and sometimes hard inner road. Now, the truth is I can never know for sure that the best will come. But I know that, by being hasty, I am only giving myself fewer chances at it. That´s how it is with me, in usual circumstances: brought at the surface of life to act quickly I can often perform just minor, formal acts, and most rushed ideas prove wasteful, of low quality. And to bring out more, better things, deeper involvement is necessary, much of which takes place in the soul, beyond the limits of my consciousness. I think that what I do here, before my soul and what may lie beyond it, may be mostly just demonstrating my intentions, through work of some kind, through perseverance and patience. And giving myself time, while waiting for some clear signs from within.
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    To me it could not be a matter, ever, of not agreeing with, or of not putting to good use your advice. Because I did so, as part of my understanding of what I have to deal with, of myself and of the reality of interactions that take place at TTW, ever since the nature of those things first became obvious. And I welcome your thoughts as familiar ones, related to some of the considerations on which I base my judgment. Naturally, that I do not have your experience can be expected to have influenced, in some measure, my reluctance to let go of other criteria. But with the benefit of your opinion´s support, now, behind some of the thoughts, I find that no change in my mind´s balance could take place, as the other aspects which I have to take into account quickly rose in attention as being just as important as the first ones. And knowing myself I can tell that no reasoning could ever upset that balance definitely, as those other aspects I mentioned, and which I now introduce as belonging to what is generally called the soul, would always find in that part of my being sufficient strength to match whatever logic could summon, be it justified by the best of intentions and common sense. To put it simply now, it is a matter of thinking, and in that I do gladly join you - our thinking thus, against my feeling; at least at the moment. To look at the cause of that I will remind you of something found at the bottom of the soul or beyond it. On the outside, this adaptation process may take the form of learning. And there is to it a dubious mixture of reasonable preparations, as are expected for assuming any job-role, and a seeking of compensation for inexperience in the amassing of knowledge; which would provide, eventually, a sensation of security, of control. But deep underneath this process is a journey of my soul towards feeling a part, fully, of the role-playing world and its people; and towards being with, instead of against, the thinking, the reasoning, in myself. And fully is the main word here; however good a choice may have been. I will treat of it in the next paragraph. I close here mentioning that it is not something I would have a choice about, my soul´s nature. Not on the long run. :) I can only choose to ignore, or embrace it, really.
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    I think, I do think it was very nice of you, ReWAl, to make time and reach out to me in these blog pages. Your gesture seems in nature so alike the good spirit of this place, the friendliness, that I can only see it as extension of all I value at The Tangled Web; of all that made me call it home (as odd as it may sound). And also, as you are among the first people I got to know the community through, this message of yours strengthens the belief that on the quality of our future interaction through words, a good deal of a feeling of accomplishment and of belonging, in the end, would rest. I was impressed by both the politeness and the eloquence of your choice of words. Thank you for being so open and speaking your mind. And if I may compare my style in these posts, which reflects, with its wavering, the many changes I experience while I adapt to role-playing, to the style from your comment, I´d like to add that it impresses me, with its conciseness, as an expert opinion (by which I mean having a strong foundation of common sense, based on experience), at least with regard to a habitual way of doing things and of being a part, here at TTW. And I consider myself lucky to benefit from it, even if you would call it, perhaps, the usual help out from a veteran :)
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    I think you're really overthinking things here, Erran. It's great that you want to learn as much as you can before you start playing, but sometimes doing is the best way of learning. Even if you know a system's Player Handbook cover to cover, you'll get a better idea of how the rules are applied if you actually experience them. I'd suggest you just try to hop into one of the Recruitment threads and see how things go. You don't have to worry about not being an expert role player or anything. DMs and veteran players are usually happy to help a new guy out.
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    Of course. I kind of like them this way too, though, continuous, fluid, without stops. And if I get to make them feel endless, the better. At times, it does seem like I lose air when I start reading. However, soon, I remember that I can breathe underwater as well, if only in my mind :) ...And I may be taking a big chance here. But still, there is nothing unfair to them. There is enough quality inside, I think, to compensate for any first steps inconveniences on the reader´s part. Don´t agree. I like this feeling, that I don´t share my posts with only search engines, more. I´ll try to pass it on by complying with your request. Even if I have to simulate those breaks. I did learn a few bb code tricks since I got started here. Change is nice! Thanks. It cheered me up, this imagined conversation ~
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    Psst paragraph breaks would help these be more legible.
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    (continuing from the previous comment) Errandûrr´s story and all that was said about his definition so far also determines some limitations in his choice of Spells. I divide them in 3 categories: (I) those that approach real life skills most - and thus can be learned, or that depend on intuition combined with knowledge; (II) those that could only be explained as favors of nature, and (III) those that would depend on his intrinsic (mostly unexplainable) magical powers, or that would imply that the laws of nature are at his command: :::: at level 1 - (I) Alarm, Animal Friendship, Detect Magic, Detect Poison and Disease, Hunter´s Mark, (II) Fog Cloud, Goodberry, Speak with Animals, (III) Cure Wounds, Jump, Longstrider; at level 2 - (I) Find Traps, (II) Animal Messenger, Locate Animals or Plants, Locate Object, Pass Without Trace, Silence, (III) Barkskin, Darkvision, Lesser Restoration, Protection from Poison, Spike Growth; at level 3 - (I) -, (II) Conjure Animals, Nondetection, Speak with Plants, Wind Wall (III) Daylight, Plant Growth, Protection from Energy, Water Breathing, Water Walk; at level 4 - (I) -, (II) Conjure Woodland Beings, Freedom of Movement, Locate Creature, (III) Stoneskin; and at level 5 - (I) -, (II) Commune with Nature, (III) Tree Stride. :::: Most likely category III Spells will not be considered in Errandûrr´s advancement. And category II Spells may only be appropriated by Errandûrr depending on his success in reestablishing the strong bond with nature he knew as a child; it may even be required that he only spends very short periods of time out of the wilderness, throughout his life. :::: :::: :::: :::: There is one last aspect of character definition which should be addressed here: that of moral alignment. The one which seems to describe Errandûrr best, based on his story, is lawful neutral. Lawful because he submitted to the demands of an official position, albeit of small significance, and he tried to fit in, while keeping a low profile, with normal town life. Also because he honored his benefactor, by performing his job well, not getting into trouble, and recognizing the value of his advice, and following it. Neutral, because, with the exception of having helped the old hermit in his last years of life, Errandûrr did not have to face any significant choices between right and wrong, and he put more focus on his relationship with nature than on that with other people. However, he is less likely to act selfishly, than to try and help those in need; as his history with the hermit shows. Still, his long experience with inner darkness, as well as his early lawful bent, made him cautious both about judging based on appearances, and about trying to interfere with the established order of things for the sake of a momentary change in someone´s fortune. He will probably act in a good way out of a heart´s impulse, rather than based on beliefs. :::: :::: :::: :::: :::: :::: :::: :::: This is the end of Errandûrr´s definition. I believe I came up with a character suitable to a beginner like me, as his life difficulties and redrawn nature could cover for the difficulties I have in approaching role-play, and as his lack of worldly experience and practice of ranger skills are suitable to my currently limited knowledge of DnD settings and real life survival skills. Errandûrr´s story and goals may restrict the range of adventures he would willingly take part in. But I suppose that a GM would not have to modify his story much to accomodate him, either. It probably isn´t important if Errandûrr attains what he wants during the adventures, and a GM could just use his story to tempt him with suspicious characters and promising information. :::: :::: For everyone´s convenience, I will set a signature to my profile containing links to both blog posts which hosted the definition and to a standard sheet. In the sheet I will also mention choices to be made up to level 3, as well as changes made at the time of joining a campaign, based on the GM´s request. Errandûrr´s sheet will also contain a short description of his appearance and presence. :::: :::: :::: :::: Good bye! Until Errandûrr´s first adventure ~ PS. That doesn´t mean I´m not going to post anything else until that late, you know.
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    (continuing from the previous comment) Errandûrr´s ability scores reflect the influences of his course of life. His Constitution, 10 11 at level 1, is that of an average man, and is explained by the care with which the beings of the forest brought him up. His Strength, also at 10, shows a man not predominantly engaged in physical activity, and not weak either, although unlikely to rely on his force to achieve things. The higher score of his Dexterity is explained both by playing with Fey as a child, and by having to compensate for his insufficient Strength, in performing common physical tasks. His Elven descent may also be thought responsible for a certain nimbleness to his body. The Intelligence score is related to the type of work he did, and to his endeavour to educate himself. The Wisdom score would reflect his connectedness with the forest, or just the relying on this assumed trait of his nature. In any case, that he was accepted as part of the forest and its enchantment, as a child, can be understood to have left more than an emotional imprint on him. And, finally, the Charisma score is justified by his development of will strength. However, it is less likely that he could use this ability to influence others, than to defend, psychically(*), or to try to commune; with nature, mainly. {Update: (*) As usually Wisdom is referred to for resistance against becoming controlled or imbalanced in mind, it may be needed to go into more detail about the choice to use Charisma as a replacement. Thus, in fact, both Wisdom and Charisma checks are valid in that context, but involve a different circumstance of Errandûrr´s focus of attention. Wisdom saves make sense when his focus is on outside world things. Then attempts to take over his mind would not meet his will first of all, but a passive resistance. Charisma saves make sense when his focus is on his inner being, which includes his mind. He then meets attempts of control with his will, while dissociating the external cause of the attempt from the effect. The external cause remains something to be fought against physically; if necessary. He then recognizes the curse, which would be nourished by the external cause, as the single cause to be concerned with. Thus, it is a matter of priorities too. Should the GM, however, disagree with this line of reasoning, I would not make any fuss about limiting to Wis saves Errandûrr´s responses to charm and madness effects.] [Update:] (And, finally, the Charisma score is justified) by his experiencing of natural rhytms as a child, as well as by his Elven descent, in some measure. :::: :::: :::: :::: His race cannot be considered to have imparted any qualities to his nature, except by blood - as are the bonuses to his ability scores. Some racial properties, in Errandûrr´s case, are replaced by things learned in his early environments. For languages - the Sylvan of childhood, with a rather restricted vocabulary, and Common. For skills - a familiarity with Nature, to be developed by his later studies for becoming Ranger, and Insight into nature´s works and secrets, as explained by their childhood connectedness, as well as by his later attempts to renew and strengthen it; this extends to his perception of people´s intentions, as in both contexts - nature and men - the same inner means to perceive are used. The darkvision of a Half-Elf I am willing to make subject to a dice roll, a 1d20, to which perhaps his proficiency bonus could be added, as would be explained by the implications of his choice of life role (class). However, if the consensus is that racial descent alone can be responsible for darkvision, I would, of course, not move against; and perhaps keep the difficulty of adapting his eyes to darkness at a role-playing level by just mentioning a short delay. With regard to that ability of lasting without sleep, just with trance, it must be said that, perhaps, a compromise between the two means of recovering energy would suit Errandûrr better; I know I need quality sleep to stay healthy and strong. He may also not be immune against sleep inducing spells either. Perhaps just advantage on the saving throw would be enough. And I believe his development of will would explain a proficiency in saves against being charmed in sufficient measure. :::: :::: His copyist job and his studies fit a Sage background; with ¨sage¨ being a very loosely used term. The proficiency in Arcana would be justified by Errandûrr´s exploration of magic related literature, as part of his quest to find a cure to his curse. Skill in History would refer to various knowledge gathered more or less willingly, while trying to make sense of records of the past, as he searched a link to his origins. [update: History was replaced with Medicine; see the last note of the first half] For languages - Elvish, but not much of, and something of his inner being which he shared with trees, with nature: the language of the heart. However, the latter may or may not be considered a regular means of communication; having in the worse case to remain a role-playing feature. While making the proper modifications to the first part, I mentioned possible uses of this ¨language¨. Of the standard psychological traits for Sages I found none to suit Errandûrr better than the trait his own story provides: a tempered secludedness. Again, from ideals, none fits him better than the desire, shown in the story, to feel whole. He hopes to attain that by: finding his parents, curing his soul - so that he can enjoy life among others fully, and attaining communion with nature once more. His quests are his bond, and his flaws may be found anywhere his separateness and his curse cast a shadow. His specialty could be Scribe, as his first job indicates, but it may be Researcher also. I did consider, as Background related equipment, some tools for taking notes, but given his higher than average Intelligence and his dedication to his life quests, perhaps he can be considered to keep in memory all useful notes. [Update: You will find more on psychological traits, bonds, and flaws in his character sheet (see my profile signature).] :::: :::: Although the Ranger class makes one proficient with all sorts of armour suits and weapons, in Errandûrr´s case it would be understood that only his level, and thus his experience as ranger, would justify such extensive skills. If starting his adventures at a low (1-3) level, I could only think him prepared to use the starting equipment. Although proficiency in Dexterity saves may be related to his relying on that ability in interactions with the physical world, since childhood, later to have been emphasized in face of dangers through his choice of weapons and tactics, proficiency in Strength saving throws does not seem acceptable outside of exceptional situations. Perhaps when Errandûrr would draw on an inner strength to psychically enhance the physical ability. That could take place in defense of something held dear. In any case, a 1d20 roll, with DC depending on the closeness Errandûrr feels to the endangered creature (including trees), would decide. At level 2, I will choose the fihting style ¨Duelling¨ for him, based on my knowledge of melee tactics. It would not be unsuitable to him. Although Rangers are thought proficient in the use of shields, I reason that a Dexterity based fighter could only rely on the shield to stop an arrow; but then any large and light item grabbed in a hurry could offer the same protection. To block melee attacks, I think, requires Strength. The choice of skills in relation to class, Survival and Perception, seems to not require any justification. There is one last class aspect which can be put in relation to Errandûrr´s story so far: the Natural Enemy feature. In his case, the initial choice does not refer to literal enemies, but to his childhood buddies, the Fey, whom he gained skill at tracking while playing with them; hide-and-seek, for example. Later on, as he might become suspicious on one or another evil-bent character for being connected with his curse´s nature, he may specialize in tacking their species´ track. :::: :::: (continued in the next comment)
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