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  1. comment to ocp

    This is a comment written for the post at
    I could not publish it there.

    Hi Lake ~ I thought I saw something, in what your post describes, of how I with my first character, Errandûrr, were perceived; what we must have reminded of. I believe that your opinion is representative for a way of doing things in the rp-world that I would like to understand better. And dialog here seems like a good opportunity. ...
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  2. Foreword

    I made this blog category (Errandûrr) with only a few ideas to count on, hoping that they will grow, in time, into all they could be. I had them for several days now, waiting to be given shape, them and nothing else, and I guess I could not ask for more of a guarantee that putting them into writing is the path to follow now. I begin walking with both reticence and hope as road companions: the first because I don´t feel ready for the dark times of not being inspired, ahead, and the latter because ...

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  3. Anniversary

    Was it a week? Or more? since I let following others´ adventures slip out of my training schedule? I lost count... But I read again now; I mean recently - these posts of mine are sometimes written over a period of time, you know. And... it came as a surprise, a rather unsettling one... that I experience the same feeling of amazement as when I arrived at the gates, here; amazement as in lost in a maze... or dungeon (it could be called adungeonment, I guess (...I am not sure if it´s a good idea to ...

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  4. Afterdark

    Stillness, was it? Well, it just happens that there is a side to stillness that makes it feel worthwhile: the hunter´s stealth.

    (Fair warning: This post is meant, probably XD, to make me look good. It dissociates some potentially admirable qualities from the struggle and mess which always occur when trying to impose one´s will to the natural rhythms of life. I just wanted to give you and myself a taste of something different. However, if this is a balancing act, I am aware that it ...

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  5. A sigh of leaves

    Sometimes you think you hear the wind in the leaves, and raise your eyes, welcoming the change. But no, it wasn´t. It was just this or that tree, letting go some of that feeling of being still. That´s why I keep walking, even if at times it looks like my goal moves with me... I think, I wouldn´t want to feel that way, stuck. Can´t afford it. I made a promise,

    and to myself, first. But it is more than that. It´s a new me that I´m moving towards. It´s home. And there cannot be two mes, ...

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