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titles of a more general interest

  1. Words from a world gone purple

    To anyone who may, at any time, have found, in what I could so far write, beauty, good, or only usefulness, I leave, in place of my dream of connecting, these words: Thank you...
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  2. Blog Play System

    As announced in ´Foreword´, I present here a set of guidelines for play-by-post&comment within the blog section of thetangledweb. A suitable acronym for the system is BPS+, the ´+´ standing for the fact that play here can be continued in the PbP forum section .

    A few words on how this system extends the range of PbP options:

    • Play within one´s blog pages has as foundation the fact that a single person can drive the story forward, independently of anyone else´s input.

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  3. Trees quiz

    ...That´s really not that good a title; and yes, it stuck with me for how it sounds. But the dice is cast now, and I can just hope that favouring lightness:feeling over correctness:meaning will meet your preference as having been a right choice. :: What this is, is a series of quiz-like punctual challenges based on my way of learning dnd 5e rules, which a beginner may choose to measure his or her own progress by. I must add that I see myself just a tiny bit farther on the way to becoming a role-player ...

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