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  1. Axar's Audacious Adventure Log

    Fantastic update for what's been happening in our game. Thanks Axar

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    Chapter 1
    A motley group of aspiring, but untrained, adventurers answers the call of the Fall Moon Guild to guard a warehouse in Jasrel overnight. Outfitted with only a dagger, the dozen assorted folks were sent to a warehouse with some regular and some magically warded crates. They were briefly told that someone was breaking into the warehouse and the guild wanted it stopped. They were then locked
  2. Chapter 9 OOC

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    Yes, he always thinks she is lying. She also went up to the bartender clutched his hand, tears in her eyes and asked him about the Grey Seers. Is this how anyone would address an old friend?
    tehehe, it's a thing that sometimes women can get away with. and men too , but i figured after the nat.20 i rolled, i might get away with it.

    and a drunk person could also get away with "clutching conspiracy whispering" in a bar with a friendly bartender
  3. Chapter 4 Interlude

    Some ways to Stormgate:

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    Thinking about it, Hildegard has heard of a waystation along the Low Road and thinks that this Caravanserai must be it, however, it is not near the coastline. If they were to sail to a point near it, they would have to scale sheer high cliffs to get to the bluff overlooking the sea and then travel inland, walking, for perhaps a day. Overland the Caravanserai would be about three and a half days from Jasrel by horse and then another three and a half days to Stormgate.
  4. Chapter 3: Island Rescue

    LOOT! It's Loot! but people in my party don't really want anything.. Really?!

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    In the barracks room, Terri begins amassing what she has found so far:

    1 suit of half-plate armor
    9 suits of leather armor
    10 scimitars
    10 daggers
    8 empty backpacks
    1 chest that contains:
    --2 cases for maps and scrolls (contains a navigators map and letter of writ from Stormgate), a set of fine clothes, a bottle of ink, an ink pen, a lamp, 2 flasks of oil,
  5. A Blog Entry?

    What will I ever do with this?

    hmm... I'm the chicken, you're the goose: 1557609_10152290399680934_2139495718_n.jpg

    Art by Omar Ryann il_570xN.786637149_fcjv.jpg

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