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  1. mdh's Avatar
    What happened to the EB forum? Who was left and who was gone? I just got back from a device issue and web access issue but this past weekend the game forums were still there...
  2. Isada's Avatar
    "Hey Benny! Looks to me like you're on the wrong side of the river!"

    Wormtongue would totally use those if he could.
  3. LakethePondling's Avatar
    Actually the thing was more of Wormtongue and Theoden, if Wormtounge used spells like Suggestion and Touch of Idiocy
  4. theScrappy's Avatar
    "Hey, O'Connell! It looks to me like I've got all the horses!"
  5. Isada's Avatar
    Oh, no problem! We could still potentially have post-game adventures, possibly drawing on resources from some higher level AP path. It all depends^^.
  6. mdh's Avatar
    Misc - I apologize for the confusion re AP's. I was trying to discuss my character and poorly wrote about what happened to my character in another AP.
  7. Isada's Avatar
    Not an actual bowel condition--no worries!
  8. Isada's Avatar
    It's the result of a bowel disruptor gun.
  9. mdh's Avatar
    TMI you share...
  10. Isada's Avatar
  11. theScrappy's Avatar
    Have your bowels been disrupted?
  12. Isada's Avatar
    Ahaha^^ That would great. Barker would totally wave his lighter in the air with this dead serious face.
  13. LakethePondling's Avatar
    If Barker could get the mic from Tyrus. I think Tyrus would be the type if he was a little drunk to hog the mic. and sing the most complicated songs on the catalogue. perfectly. Mostly really sultry stuff and big power ballads.
  14. Isada's Avatar

    Max would kill in Dragonboat race. Just the whole team of you melee people would go so hard and if the rogues backed you up with sabo--unstoppable.
  15. mdh's Avatar
    Maximilian would have been the bomb in Dragonboat races...
  16. theScrappy's Avatar
    Feel better!
  17. Isada's Avatar
    The thing about the APs is that even though they link together to form a single story, they can still be done module to module, which is how they were originally written.
  18. mdh's Avatar
    As a player, my view was that Wuxia started great. We had two teams and unfortunately, 3 of the 8 players dropped out very quickly but not before the teams were set. This hurt the later melding of the teams as team one had three of four and team two had two of four but these two were created with backstory.

    When merged, we all missed the need to work through the merger personalitywise and stylewise as team one had one style and team two a completely different style. Then the combat that could have tied the pcs together ended up being a barbarian with great weapon hitting criticals show (It was fantastic IMHO) while three of the four other pcs were absent having split off earlier in the day or maneuvering to be in position to strike.

    We tried to reboot partway through but the character styles kept moving towards party splits and we weren't able to overcome the clashes before two players said they were bored and not having fun, and with that kiss of death, Isada pulled the plug and opened for a vote on what to do next. My fear with Jade Regent is that we will end up in a similar place having skipped the first book.
  19. Isada's Avatar
    The investigation totes fizzled. I'm not sure what you mean by not factoring combat. Unlike Erebius where we're leveling by milestones, Jade Regent's going to be leveled by experience, including combat exp.
  20. Tiger's Avatar
    Was this the idea from the start or did the investigation angle of the WD fizzle out? Are you still not factoring combat into the reward process?
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