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  1. Tips for Play-By-Post Game Masters

    Play-by-post is (for me) a very comfortable method of running a game. I am the type of guy who always second-guesses myself - my memory has never been very good. So I like to look things up for the warm fuzzy feeling of being accurate. It gives you the time to do that without delaying the game noticeably, where-as if you tried that at the table, your players would get kind of pissed at you after a while I'm sure.

    Here are some things that I have picked up along the way. Take it ...
  2. Character Discussion - 5e D&D

    Quote Originally Posted by Rellott View Post
    Here's that overview list of races/subraces, classes/specialties, and backgrounds/features.
    no source tag = Player's Handbook
    DMG = Dungeon Master's Guide
    EEPC = Elemental Evil Player's Companion
    SCAG = Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
    UA X.X = Unearthed Arcana (first number is year, second number is month published that year, so 15.11 = published November of 2015)
    * = unofficial/playtest material (thus far just Unearthed Arcana sources have this)