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  1. DM thoughts- It takes a Village

    Hello again.
    Welcome back to more ramblings of a DM. Last post, I talked about starting with a seed for a campaign. Once you have that seed, the next step is to select your setting. You can do this one of three ways. Either you can select a predone campaign setting from a book, base it on another source or create your own from scratch.
    A predone setting is usually the easiest, since all you have to do is read out the descriptions of people places and things from the book, with flair ...
  2. DM Thoughts- Starting with a Seed.

    Hey guys,
    I've not tried blogging on here before, so here goes. I thought it'd be fun as a DM to share some of my processes and thoughts.
    So how long have I been Dming? I'm pretty new at It. I started last summer on Fabletop, which is a hyperflexible tabletop system. I also ran a sci-fi mystry campaign with the FATE system set in a future small town in Iowa. My first actual campaign to run is my homebrew Pathfinder campaign Rookie Card, which takes place in the land of Arathain. ...
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