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  1. More Campaign thoughts

    Rookie Card.
    Now my party is in the actual mystery part of the story. what makes it better is one of the party actually witness the culprits moving th body but only saw lanky grey figures. I've made the 'Grey Shadows' out to be a big deal. what the party DOESN'T know is they're up against a pair of Dopplegangers pretending to me average town citizens. If they aren't quick with ...
  2. Characters and Campaigns II

    Another character and campaign update

    Abel is enjoying a nice steak in a tavern made from a gigantic shell. it looks like this line of questioning will lead nowhere, so after lunch, they have another suspect to interview.

    Tyrus is still in a dress but no longer pretending to be a woman. next time he'll pick a name further from his own than Tyria, since the sherriff figured out his identity in seconds. The Party has recovered the reward money for the job they just completed, ...
  3. Characters and Campaigns

    After reading someone else's character updates
    I was inspired to share my opinion of what's going on with my characters.

    My detective fighter is after whoever is causing mysterious events at the local theater. They've tracked an associate of one of their prime suspects, who's dad USED to own the theater back in the day, to a tavern made of a giant turtle shell.

    My poor half-elf bard is now in a dress. Or a tunic and skirt to be more proper. ...
  4. So...I played a hated game.

    There it was.
    Tantalizing on the shelf of Wii games at the local retro game store.
    I'd seen it before, but always passed it up for more interesting titles.
    Today, nothing else struck my fancy, so I knelt on the old wooden shop floor amidst the beeping of arcade machines and display consoles and slid it out. Metroid: Other M. Price: $8
    I have that much.
    This is also not the only metroid game I've owned. I have the original Prime and Prime 3: Corruption at home.
  5. State of the Crash

    SO...yeah. I was affected by the crash as well. here's where I stand.
    Abel: Unaffected. His sheet was hosted using The Tangled Web profiler, so his sheet was completely unaffected.
    Tyrus: Lost. I'm in the process of rebuilding it. fortunatly my DM saved a early copy in HeroLab, so I have that advantage.
    Vee: Complete loss. I'm going to have to rebuild my Drow Rogue from scratch.

    Rookie Card: Unaffected. the players mostly joined before ...
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