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  1. [Class 8] Run by drew.wilsford Ailara and water

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    Ailara's eyes grew twice their normal size when the monster showed itself. Without thinking, she reached for her torch, drew back, and the as hard as she could for the beast.
    Then Ailara dove into the water in hopes she could reach a place where she could be of more use to her team.

    To her dismay, Ailara flailed to the floor of the pond. Diving, it seemed, was not a bright
  2. Ailara hears, "Approach with humility...!"

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    Worry flooded Ailara when the booming voice rang out. The goblins, she knew, must have heard that. Twice.
    [roll0] (NB: it was just a 7.)
    "Could be we'll have company soon. But yeah, I think debasing yourself is the thing it wants."

    She really didn't want to sheath her scimitar. She really didn't want to hear that voice booming letting the goblins know where they were.
    With an inward groan, she said to herself, "This could have gone different if I just
  3. what box?

    Favoring the direct approach, Ailara used what Father Earnest once called the barbarian method to solving problems.
    She kicked in the battered chest's lid (hopefully with a satisfying crunch).

    Let it not be said I do not think outside the box.
    But here, I was thinking more of what was inside of it.