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  1. Fantasy Setting Idea: Twelve Houses

    The first god known to humanity was Oranos. Born from the earth itself without mother or father, he was peerless in power, and imagined himself the sole god of the world. He ruled the earth as a child would, creating and destroying at will. However, he soon began to tire of ordinary toys, and created beings like unto himself, such as humans, orcs, and elves. Eventually, this was not enough, either, and he created other gods, mighty beings of great size called Titans. The mightiest of these was Cronos, ...

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  2. The Stars Are Aligned! Fantasy Astrology Pt.2

    (Continuing from previous post)
    Now that the star signs have been established, astrology can be accomplished by PCs or NPCs, whether by reading the stars directly or by consulting star charts.

    Variant Rule: Astrology Tools and Checks

    Under these variant Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rules, astrology is considered a tool proficiency, like alchemy or woodcarving. The set of books, notes, and maps of the night sky required to determine celestial movement are known ...

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  3. The Stars Are Aligned! Fantasy Astrology Pt1.

    Since mankind has been able to see the stars at night, we have wondered about the bright lights and their motion. Astrology is defined as "the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world". A wizard or warlock might study the stars and use their magic in a connection with divined knowledge.

    Twelve signs are generally used in connection with astrology, and in the Western tradition, ...

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  4. If anyone is reading this

    Hello, everybody. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a student, and sadly, the academic pressure cooker has been slowly stepping up the temperature for a while now. I'm going to be delayed in my posting in the near future, possibly until the end of the semester. That, and I'm dealing with a bit of DM fatigue, partly as a result of the first part.

    I've tossed around an idea for a superhero setting called Power Corrupts in the past, and have stated that if players are willing to submit five ...

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  5. Maximum Force: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Example Character

    From the Power Corrupts campaign setting comes the spoiled child turned superhero Maximum Force. Using Max, I'm going to give an example of character creation in Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.

    First things first: The character concept. Before generating a character's stats, you should have an idea in mind: General powers, origin, catchphrase, personality. You should be able to explain who this character is and what they do to someone else without referencing game mechanics. However, that ...
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