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  1. Bushido: Alterations to Pendragon 5.1 for samurai games. (Pt. 1)

    Collected here are some rulings that I feel might make it possible to convert Pendragon rules to fit feudal Japan circa ~1600 AD.
    Weapons and Skills will likely be the most difficult to cover, so they will get their own post, as will equipment and horses.

    Universal alterations (those that may take effect regardless of the Japanese nature of the game or not):

    Critical Hits:
    When a pair of critical hits would normally tie, a sword breaks a non-sword only when

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  2. Feywild Courts

    Because it has been requested, more details on each individual court. Read as much or as little as you like (probably a good idea to at least read over your court's members)

    Summer Court

    When mortals visualize the Feywild, they tend to imagine vibrant, immaculate eladrin cities placed in the center of dense, foreign forests oozing with magic and filled with strange creatures. Of all the courts, the Summer Court is closest to this tourist ideal. Brilliant cities hidden from ...
  3. Dying Embers (Terrible Pet Project V0.1)

    Long ago, the sun god ruled over a world that was peaceful, but a small, ungrateful portion of mortals were tempted by a monstrosity that corrupted and convinced them to forsake the light, weakening the solar deity's connection to the world. Suddenly and out of nowhere, the monstrosity severed the sun from the world, sealing him in the heavens and plunging day into darkness. When the sun became unable to return, the monstrosity set out to destroy the world altogether, but was halted temporarily ...
  4. Fantasy Setting Idea: Twelve Houses

    The first god known to humanity was Oranos. Born from the earth itself without mother or father, he was peerless in power, and imagined himself the sole god of the world. He ruled the earth as a child would, creating and destroying at will. However, he soon began to tire of ordinary toys, and created beings like unto himself, such as humans, orcs, and elves. Eventually, this was not enough, either, and he created other gods, mighty beings of great size called Titans. The mightiest of these was Cronos, ...

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  5. The Stars Are Aligned! Fantasy Astrology Pt.2

    (Continuing from previous post)
    Now that the star signs have been established, astrology can be accomplished by PCs or NPCs, whether by reading the stars directly or by consulting star charts.

    Variant Rule: Astrology Tools and Checks

    Under these variant Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rules, astrology is considered a tool proficiency, like alchemy or woodcarving. The set of books, notes, and maps of the night sky required to determine celestial movement are known ...

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