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  1. Memory Bow: Weapon for Dungeons and Dragons 5e

    Memory Bow
    Bow (any kind), rare (requires attunement)

    This bow is made entirely out of incorruptible wood of pure white color. When you are attuned to this bow and wield it or carry it on your person, you can cast Spare the Dying as an action. When you do, you do not need to touch the creature, the spell's range expands to 120 feet, and it requires no somatic components. You can also cast Speak with Dead as a ritual by using the bow as a material component.
  2. Tales By the Fire: Lost Hearts

    Mighty Cai stands watch over his lady's camp, as well as those that are accompanying her. His heart is troubled by a sense of doubt, a desire that he's unsure of the reality of. Footsteps cause him to swerve where he stands, gripping his spear and swinging the point until it causes a meek gasp from the mouth of the woman that approached. She is dressed in druid's robes, though her ritual face-paint has been removed for the day, and a frown forms as she waits for the warrior to retract the weapon ...

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  3. Tales By the Fire: Where Do Dragons Come From?

    A young boy looks up at the stars, his white clothing flickering with the light the campfire pitches onto it. He looks at his arm and sees the silver band his mother gave him long ago. The starlight shimmers on it, leading his eyes back to the sky. If he squints, he can almost see her again, a constellation in the night. It fills him with determination, and he swears quietly that he will never forget her. Turning from where he stands, he runs back towards the fire, and frowns. The group's bard has ...

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  4. Bushido: Alterations to Pendragon 5.1 for samurai games. (Pt. 3)

    Just like with Chivalrous knights, Bushi are held to their own standard of right behavior. To become a legend of the way of the warrior, it is not enough simply to be an honorable samurai, but to uphold the tenets of Bushido in word and action. The following six virtues have been selected to represent Bushido. A samurai who holds a total of 80 between these six values gains 100 Glory a year and the listed bonus.

    Bushido: Energetic, Just, Honest, Valorous, Modest, Vengeful.
    A ...

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  5. Vault of Inspiration Past: Abandoned Concepts for Games (Incomplete)

    I'm somewhat (in)famous for producing game pitches that I will never run. Here are a few that I think might be able to see new life. Open to expansion, obviously.

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    Millenia ago, mortal heroes overthrew the gods and set about making themselves the masters of the universe through the use of terrible magic and mighty powers. In their wake they left countless corpses and scores of worlds crushed in their pursuit of glory and strength. When at last they had even destroyed themselves and there

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