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Musings of a Mystic Theurge

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  1. Sixx - Changling Rogue

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    Sixx - Changeling Rogue
    (From Left to Right Persona's: Ashroar, Abigall, Bolrick, Bedorn(DELETED. NO FORGED), Elanor and Maenath)
    "Warning - Spoiler's Contains Character background; if your playing in Actana's E6 DND 3.5. DO NOT READ THIS"

    Step 1: Write five things about your character's concept and background. These five things should be the most essential parts of your character. You don't have to stop at five though,

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  2. Taiome Ta'Maige - Psionic Shaper

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    Taiome Ta'Maige - Psionic Shaper

    Description: (see picture)

    Personality: Taiome is a Odd character; She often is caught talking to herself; but seemingly not herself specifically. She is Quite loyal; But often more so to her Summons and Animals then to humanoids. She Hides the knowledge of her race; telling others she's human; but just with really good night senses.
    Come Combat; She will send her Summons to do the work; while

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    Musings of a Mystic Theurge , Character Files
  3. Jane Peasant - Monk

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    Jane Peasant - Monk
    (Click on me to open character sheet)

    Description: See Picture. (p.s. She's NOT the skeleton)
    Background: Jane Peasant is a Rather unassuming..Peasant with a penchant for moving about a fight. Doomed to a life of working in the fields; she naturally rebelled.
    A few years and she grew and became more hateful of staying in one place her whole life; she happened upon the wrong sort of person to pick a fight
  4. Mosrada - Warforged Juggernaut! (Gestalt Crusader//Psion)

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    Mosroda - Warforged Juggernaut
    (Click on Name for Character Sheet)

    Description: Fired in the forges to be a Forged of exceptional powers, and of strong steel. Mosroda stands a towering 6 feet and 6 inches tall, Towering over even many of the other forged. She was built with an expensive metal known as Adamantine; providing her with powerful and exceptional Defenses she has put to good use over her time; though she wonders how they managed to

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    Musings of a Mystic Theurge , Character Files
  5. How squishy be these peoples.

    *committed to memory for later addition to the words of a lost warforged*

    "These furry dog like humanoids seem to think that other humanoids make better targets than the walking metal and wood construct before them.."
    "Their probably right. I will need to find a way to get the attention off those less strong next time; though; I think I need to find out what this ability that had made me so large and extend my reach from that unconscious human type; ...

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    Musings of a Mystic Theurge , Architect Emerald - Warforged Crusader
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