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  1. Pathfinder Revision - Hexblade: The Jinx Warrior

    "I'm sorry, but luck is not on your side." - Athain, hexblade.

    Perhaps you've seem my little project to bring some of the other classes from various D&D 3.5 supplements up to date for use with Pathfinder. I'll be posting a series of blogs to go in depth into the changes I've made to those classes. This time, we'll be looking at the Hexblade.

    Overview: Being a melee/arcane class, the hexblade is undoubtably being compared to the duskblade from Player's Handbook ...

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    Pathfinder Revision
  2. Rausus

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    Rausus Blackandle
    (picture credit goes to Dragos Stanculescu)

    Rausus pushes open the wooden door. Stale smoke billows out to reveal bookshelves lining each inch of the wall of the interior, and countless books stacked haphazardly on the shelves and a number piled and towered on the floor. At the end of the linear room, shows a desk, and a man sitting behind it. The man is smoking a pipe.
    The gnome takes a step inside the ...

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