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Chronicles of Vaniya

Information, commentary and other things about my homebrew setting, Vaniya.

  1. Cultures of Vaniya 1: Laws, customs and society

    Most countries in Vaniya have a distinct language, separating them both culturally and linguistically. During the rise of the Mordish Empire spread their own tongue, Mordish, throughout the Westermarch, spreading it far and wide. For some Mordish scholars, the widely used language appeared bastardized and unclean for the pureblooded Mords. Thus High Mordish was created, a language more like the original dialect of Mordish. It pervaded through scholars, senators and other nobility ...
  2. Religion of Vaniya 1: The Silver Goddess

    The Holy Ecclesiastical Church of the Silvery Goddess, or the Silver Church, is the dominating religion in Westermarch and other countries. The religion itself somewhat more than 1000 years old, with its founding dating back to the relative end of Mordland’s empire in what now is considered Idrez. From there the church established footholds in every country in the western world and spreads the message of honor, chivalry and relentless battle against evil - physical or mental.


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    Chronicles of Vaniya
  3. Nations of Vaniya 2: Aronbor

    Aronbor at a glance
    Population: 6.5 million
    Sovereign: King Caedamon I
    Capital: Arlodon
    Major cities: Criche, Southdown, Havnor, Rael
    Climate: Temperate in the south with mild winters and warm summers. Cold in the north with long winters and short summers.
    National colors: Blue and silver

    Aronbor was the last nation in the Westermarch to be tamed, and some parts of it still aren’t. The wild north was home to many tribes of elves and ...

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    Chronicles of Vaniya
  4. Mechanics of Vaniya 1: Classes and their place in Vaniya

    Since the recruitment for my Vaniya game has already started and I'm seeing interest develop (yay!), I might as well post this little thing here as a bonus. It's a "brief" write up of how different classes fit in Vaniya. Spellcasters work very differently in their fluff, and there is a lot of deviation for them. Other classes might have slightly changed fluff, but nothing dramatic. There are certain classes I'd like to address still, such as binders and psionics. And some classes are missing entirely, ...

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    Chronicles of Vaniya
  5. Magic of Vaniya 1: The Fold

    As far as the knowledge of men goes and what the libraries of Maloglash have taught them, there are at least three (or four, depending on the definition) different realms of existence beyond the mortal world. These worlds, or “planes”, as the ancient Elves called them, are only loosely connected to the mortal world, if at all. This loose connection is the basis of all spells cast in the world. But before proceeding with magic itself, the planes and how they work need to be visited, as well ...

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    Chronicles of Vaniya
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