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The Theoretical Roleplayer

A blog about RPGs, how they work, don't work, some playstyle preferences and other personal qualms with the whole thing.

Also a repository for my Chronicles of Vaniya writings. A low fantasy setting for any system, though primarily made for E6 3.5.

  1. What's in a game?

    "If you wish to make a campaign out of scratch, you must first invent the universe."

    It's a long road, making a campaign out of scrap. Sure, you have the system, maybe the setting, you might even have players if you're lucky or have been doing stuff for a while and you're blessed with a solid reliable group. But all those, I feel, are just that: scrap. They're not what a campaign is. They're not the essential building blocks of a campaign, not what are truly important about it. The ...
  2. Why I play Dungeons & Dragons 4e

    Out of all the editions of our lovely D&D, the fourth one gains a lot of flak. A massive amount of flak in fact. In this age of internets and instant communications, the amount of vitriol spewed at edition wars is mostly towards the divide between "real D&D" and "fourth edition". I find this divide silly, as people don't really have any grounds to claim on what is "real" D&D and what isn't. It's a definition. 4e is D&D because it reads D&D on the cover. Well, it actually reads Dungeons & Dragons, ...
  3. Organic Storytelling, or how to have your cake and eat it

    Story and the freedom of players. Those two often seem at odds with each other in a given campaign, as a story hinges on the PCs going down a specific route, and given enough freedom players will likely wander around aimlessly, or pursue goals that are highly inconsequential and oft irrelevant, not to mention unconnected, if they do anything at all.

    If the GM wants to play through a story he has created, there is the danger of restricting the players too much to focus on the story. ...
  4. I really have no idea what I'm writing...

    I can't help it, I just can't. I love roleplaying games. And not just roleplaying in general, I love the actual products. I love the rules, the ideas, the writing in them. I love reading them, thinking about them, talking about them. I love every edition of D&D, I adore Exalted, I'm insanely fascinated with Torchbearer, I'm kinda hesitant about World of Darkness,, I think Fate is fantastic. I love all of them. Heck, I even love FATAL for what it is, an absurd and twisted mockery of everything wrong ...
  5. The Right Tools for the Job

    Too many times do I see a new game with an interesting concept be ruined by people trying to shoehorn normal 3.5 into the setting and genre used by the game. I'm not sure why people try to use 3.5, a game explicitly made for a very specific style of play, namely that of kicking down dungeon doors, killing the denizens within, taking their stuff and moving onto the next dungeons. Make no mistake, I do enjoy 3.5 (somewhat, with extensive houserules) and you "can" play other types of games with it, ...

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