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Exasperated Rants

I'm the kind of guy who hates people. People irritate me. How am I irritated by people, you ask? Get comfortable, this could take a while.

  1. The random vat of unknown magical goo

    Strange things happen when I am unable to properly plan out my game. Don't get me wrong, I don't railroad my players. I simply prefer to have at least a general idea what I will be doing in an upcoming session. Usually, this involves me asking my players what their characters intend to do next after a session ends. Often this means I have a number of monsters set aside as a backup plan if they should go in a way I do not expect them to. A monster encounter is very time consuming, and can often take ...

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  2. Uncommon Sense - or "Welcome to paragon tier, sucker"

    A while ago, I had the brilliant idea to try and make my players think a little bit more about things they do before they do them. I had hoped to expand the game into new areas, where there was more than just a series of dice rolls to progress the story. My master plan involved throwing dangerous things at them. If they do something stupid, they face the consequences. Consequences often cause serious problems, such as heavy damage, lasting negative effects, or if everything works as planned, death. ...

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