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Exasperated Rants

I'm the kind of guy who hates people. People irritate me. How am I irritated by people, you ask? Get comfortable, this could take a while.

  1. MalBot the DMBot

    None of MalBot's commands were published in any help file. It was my rule that if you don't already know the command, you have no business using it. This prevents new users from jumping into the room, seeing a new toy, and spamming the ever loving heck out of the channel with it as they try out every little thing. Today, I break that rule and produce some actual documentation.

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  2. Miniventures with companions

    It's not uncommon for an adventuring party to have a smaller creature in their company. It might be the animal companion of the Ranger, or it might be the Wizard's familiar. I had an interesting idea after the almost total party kill, which I think has been refined enough to be worth posting about.

    The idea is very simple. Set up a situation where the companion or familiar might go off on their own. From here, it is basically a mini adventure for the companion or familiar, ...

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  3. Challenge of the Construct

    A while back, I wanted to try something new and different in my game. The idea I had come up with was pretty silly at first, but it was surprisingly well received.

    The party had just entered what they believed was a demonic stronghold in a volcano. What they didn't realize at the time, was that the demons had taken the place by force from a somewhat obscure group known as The Order of the Cog. Think of the Eberron campaign setting. One of my favorite parts of the Eberron ...
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  4. The Dragon Tamer - or "When did my players become awesome?"

    Do you see that guy? That is a Catastrophic Dragon. This is an Adult Earthquake Dragon. It is a level 14 Elite Soldier from Monster Manual 3. It exists for the purpose of being absolutely badass, and being incredibly effective at the role of Soldier. It has an Aura that will grow from 1, to 3, to 5 over the rounds. If you make an attack in this aura that does not include the Dragon, you ...

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  5. DMing to an unbalanced party

    4e is generally pretty good about not requiring every possible party role. You don't really need to have the dream team of Fighter/Thief/Wizard/Cleric in order to cover all of your bases anymore. I admit, things certainly run smoother when you have every role covered (Defender/Striker/Controller/Leader), but it is certainly possible to work games out when missing roles. On the other hand, just because it is possible doesn't mean the DM should not be aware of his party. A good DM should be building ...

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