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  1. Maptool Macro Basics: Lesson 3

    Last time, we covered variables and prompts. This edition will cover constants and property values. For all intents and purposes, these two terms will be interchangeable.

    Crawl Before Walking

    Before being able to assign a property, we need to know what that property will be. We previously determined that Redshirt Bob's Intimidate modifier was +2. This will be the value we'll need to know to assign to a property. Looking at Bob's character sheet, we also notice his to-hit ...
  2. Maptool Macro Making Basics: Lesson 2

    Last Time, we covered the basic macro. This lesson will cover unassigned variables and pop-up windows.

    Do What?

    A variable is a part of an equation (in this case, a macro), that may change depending on the circumstances. Opposite of a variable is a constant. In terms of Maptool, a variable is any term included in a roll that isn't predefined, whereas a constant is a term that has been defined either in token properties or within the macro itself.

    How ...

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  3. Maptool Macro Basics: Lesson 1

    I'll be doing a series of blog posts that help break down one of the more complicated aspects of Maptool: macros.

    What is a Macro?

    According to Urban Dictionary, a macro is a program which performs a repetitive task. In Maptool, this can be pretty much anything. For example, if you have an attack routine you regularly use, putting it into a macro can speed up play and allow more time in the game for other things besides rolling dice and adding bonuses. Simple macros ...
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