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World Formation

Blog enteries refering to my progress of creating a new world for 3.5e for a new campagin. Focusing on players creating the Lore not just Dungeon Masters, and planning a system to give a good ammount of involvement from both through a set of questions that are independant to each Character created and help shape the world.

  1. Xbox One Revealed

    The Xbox One, Microsoft’s next generation console was revealed only a few hours ago. As a avid console gamer and gamer in general there are a few concerns with the issues around this reveal from both a gaming point of view and that of a business, so what news has surfaced about this console and what is the good and the bad?

    Bad News:

    Well to begin with let's get the bad news out of the way, which to put simply is, all the rumours are true despite development teams and 'fanboys' ...
  2. Update and 2nd Group

    Finished off deciding on the populations of the world and their interactions with other races as well as a good ammount of Lore which players can discover through the usual means. Starting location for Group 1 has been decided, not going to ruin it but let's say I lack interest in players starting in a city (Prefer to start in other locations that provide some loose direction to what the parties ultimate goal would be).

    Group 2 location is undecided, mostly because this is a recent ...
  3. World creation

    Although I am not religious, the book genesis in Christianity is probably a good example of how to build up on a world, with a birds eye-view on it's creation. So from their can come up with a list of ideas I need to finalise, starting with the shape of the world. Naturally, I could make it flat as ancients believed or as a Globe shape, the flat shape does not perticularly sound ideal to me but to some degree it could prove to be interesting to some degree should a party ever adventure to a 'end ...

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    Creating World
  4. Campaign

    Looking into making a Campaign, got a few ideas for the world and planning to follow the 3.5e ruleset, likely allow PC Monsters as my friend desires a character as such. But makes the world abit difficult to create and problems with interactivity if based within a city environment.

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