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Gawain's World!

Gawain's World! Gawain's World! Gaming Time! Excellent!

  1. A Tale of Two Games

    As I discussed in my last blog, Origins of the Hobby, the fantasy role-playing game was created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, as an evolutionary shift of their mutual interest in the tabletop wargaming hobby. To continue that history lesson, we should look back to 1974 and the original Dungeons & Dragons game.

    As the popularity of D&D grew, the game also grew, adapting to the needs of the company's bottom-line and the desires of its fans. One of the earliest complaints was ...

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  2. Origins of the Hobby

    It all started in 1966 when the late Earnest Gary Gygax founded the International Federation of Wargamers as a way to meet fellow wargaming hobbyists. As with most hobbies, wargaming had a certain set of ideas--rules, if you will--that everyone followed. These rules weren't written down anywhere, but were taught from a veteran hobbyist to a fledgling hobbyist. They would use miniature figures to represent armies of people. Often they would recreate famous historical battles. Other times they ...

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  3. The 10 Commandments of Gaming

    1. The DM is God.
    Seriously! God (or the gods, as the case may be) is an NPC. The DM plays all NPCs... therefore the DM is God.

    2. The DM is always right.
    It's in the rules, right there on page 1. You don't see it? It's written in pencil below the "How to Play" heading.

    3. If the DM is wrong, prove it.
    Good luck with this one!

    4. If the DM is proven wrong, refer back to rules 1 & 2.
    Quod Erat Demonstrandum!


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  4. Gawain's World!

    For my first blog, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself. My name is Roger. I go by the UserName of Gawain_VIII and use the same "Mystara" setting logo as my avatar on nearly every online venue I join. I'm fairly easy to identify. You might've seen me on other gaming forums like WotC's Other Worlds forum, Dragonsfoot, RPTools, or The Piazza.

    I first started gaming in the early 80s with the red '83 Mentzer Basic Rules boxed set. I don't remember if I was in ...

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