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  1. d00mbring3r's Avatar
    Lets all celebrate this art of sorts!
  2. d00mbring3r's Avatar
    Well I would say being "normal" is bland. So all in all insane is the use of a better term for being creative :P
  3. DoubleBrew's Avatar
    Being detail oriented isn't a bad thing, but it is when that's ALL you worry about. If you care more about how much chalk weighs than how to use it, then you have a problem
  4. deathmonk12's Avatar
    I agree completely and I wish you the best of luck. I'm an English Lit major, and my favorite stories and books to read are just that stories and dreams. Now I'm not saying I hate some giant extended metaphor, I just feel like making it intentionally vague can detract from the actual stories (its like watching a movie, and then at the end bam! adam and eve metaphor.....i blame nicholas cage.)

    Back on topic: I think that would make you a great writer, especially if you can make a setting or story that makes people forget about the world they're in. So best of luck to you.