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Protomas Ludwig

  1. Collaborative Artistic Creation

    I've joined several Play by Post (PbP) games now and am in 3 different virtual tabletop games, so I am starting to get some perspective on how this can, can't, and maybe even should world.

    I once had a very artistic friend who was always recruiting people to help him work on various projects; still promotion photos for a science fiction novel, an amateur commercial for a radio station, head (and I mean JUST the head) of a lion in a play. And he was very good at what he did, the stuff ...
  2. Detail Oriented? (or just insane)

    I just realized I might get a bit carried away sometimes. I just finished making a very detailed spreadsheet for my possessions in Doombringer's campaign for Foxheart the Druid. No one else has done this, the DM didn't ASK for it, I just found myself suddenly in the middle of making it! It started because when I made a sheet for my riding dog Snicker, the sheet does not figure quadruped encumberance correctly, so even though he was only at medium burden, the sheet showed him at heavy. ARGH! THIS ...
  3. Art?

    Just like a lot of the people here (I'm pretty sure), I'd like to be a writer. Some writers consider themselves to be 'artists' and feel that their writing has to have some deeper meaning or higher goal. I want to write stories that take a little of the inside of my head, and put it in the form of stories that people actually enjoy reading. I'm not an artist, I'm a dreamer, and for me, writing is a way to make my dream a real thing, and I want to share it, which means people have to want to READ ...
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