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  1. Campaign Setting: Politics & History, Part Deux

    Okay, well we laid out the foundation for <East> and <West> after the Great War, so we need to do the same for <North> and <South> before we can bring everyone up to the present day and current politics. While not necessary, I do like the idea of our setting taking up a large space on a globe (perhaps even a whole planet!), and for some amount of realism that would also dictate different climates. I'm not a great map maker, so anything globe-like is out, but I like the ...
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  2. Campaign Setting: Politics & History

    Before we can do much of anything else, we really need to start thinking about the history of this world we are creating. Because really, that is what separates a full-fledged campaign setting from Your DM's Homebrew--a campaign setting has an in-depth history for many different cultures of your world, explaining how things got to where they are today and what the social and political arenas are like. If your DM does that much work on a regular basis... well then he probably needs to get out and ...
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  3. Campaign Setting: Redefining Alignment

    Alignment has always been a sore spot with me because the words used make it very misleading for many players, very often leading to awkward or even sometimes disastrous results (a paladin smiting anything that is "Evil", for example). Various classes (particularly prestige classes) also use Good/Evil as prereqs, making some unavailable for most PCs. Generally this could be assumed that these classes are meant for NPCs and villains, but how about an example where that doesn't work? ...
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  4. Campaign Setting: Beginnings

    Those of you familiar with Order of the Stick may recognize this line of blogs. In the same vein as Rich Burlew, I am going to use a series of blogs here on TTW as a semi-stream of consciousness as I create a campaign setting. I may at times refer to Burlew's original guide, so for reference you can find it at Giant In the Playground Games.

    To start with, we need to determine purpose. Well I have DMed numerous little homebrewed campaigns, but they never looked at things from a ...
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    World Building
  5. PF Swashbuckler

    **This post and the attached file are subject to change as a result of playtesting**

    After a preliminary draft, here is the Swashbuckler from Complete Warrior converted to Pathfinder: PF Swashbuckler
    In summary, here are the changes we made:
    (1) Added a combat style feature similar to the ranger, but more limited in scope.
    (2) Moved the Grace and Dodge Bonus class features around and changed their scale.
    (3) Added Evasion at 9th level ...

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