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  1. Magrus's Avatar
    Psst. Just because the rogue has 3 classes doesn't make it more than 5 people. That's not a large party!
  2. Aerthos's Avatar
    Further changes to the class, and more playtesting. All are encouraged to test it and provide feedback.
  3. Ao's Avatar
    This is a kickass intro! I'ma stick it to the frontpage right away!
  4. Aerthos's Avatar
    Class is ready for playtesting. Any and all are encouraged to join in, particularly those looking to test out the class at higher levels.
  5. Aerthos's Avatar
    After some discussion and further thought, going to remove Make Your Own Luck and replace that with something else, as well as re-work the capstone ability before any playtesting.

    Brainstorming and ideas for either are appreciated.
  6. TheTallestDwarf's Avatar
    Its not bad, though it'll need testing to see if its truly up to par.
  7. Lass's Avatar
    I **HEART** Gambit.
  8. Ghostwheel's Avatar
    A similar class you might want to look at is the Marksman, a psionic class with full BAB introduced in Untapped Potential by Dreamscarred Press.
  9. Ao's Avatar
    I figured that the <placeholders> were there to make it easier to do a Find and Replace All later on when ye decide on the names...

    As for psionics, I always liked the 2nd edition psionics rules. Of course, if you played by the original rules, wherein there was like a 1-3 percent chance of actually getting psionic powers, it's unlikely that one ever got to actually use them.

    Psionics were meant to be a bonus IMO. You could still be a fighter, mage, rogue, or cleric. However, if you got that one lucky roll on char creation, you could buff your core class powers with a few kick ass psionic ones.

    I don't think that Psionicists should have been made a class unto itself. Though, I will admit that psionicist classes are pretty cool.

    It could be interesting to have some inherent magic in the world that causes a portion of the population to be born with 1 random psionic talent. Think of Piers Anthony and his Xanth novels for a similar notion. Perhaps when creating a character, there could be a 1 in 4 chance of gaining such an ability.

    Now, you could still have the 3.x psionic classes available, or you could exclude them entirely.

    Allowing for the random appearance of psionic talents could lead to all sorts of plot twists though.
  10. Aerthos's Avatar
    For the purpose of this campaign setting, they will function on both. For the Pathfinders Wanted! campaign, only the subtype (but I reserve the right to add alignment templates to creatures to fit that function).
  11. Auspician's Avatar
    It sounds like you wish to almost use a Ravenloftesque system of alignment, where "detect evil/good" spells only function on outsiders, evil undead, the most tainted mortal souls (such as a Blackguard) and the most benevolent mortal souls (such as an exalted Paladin). If you're extending this over to smites, would they function based only upon subtype (Evil) but not function on alignment (Evil)?
  12. Darren's Avatar
    As I mentioned to you in IRC, you are probably going to need to stretch out the timeline a bit, as otherwise you are going to get into issues with the longer-lived species having lived through your entire history.

    Not to mention of course populations only grow so fast, and wars tend to depress that growth substantially. But it's easy to turn 20 into 50, 100 into 200, and 200 into 500 without having a lot of effect later on.
  13. Darren's Avatar
    Seem to me rather then banning the alignments what you can do is restrict Smite effects to affecting creatures with the appropriate sub-type (Smite Evil smites anyone with the Evil Sub-Type, like Demons), and then extend the sub-type over the other things you would consider should be able to be smited (Paladins/Clerics should have sub-types based upon their diety for example, while the vast majority wouldn't. And while a Chaotic Evil character wouldn't by default have the sub-type there are actions that can stain a soul badly enough to acquire it and of course there are ways for sufficiently good people to acquire that sub-type as well).

    It's a pretty simple change, and should still give what you want.
  14. Aerthos's Avatar
    I don't know if I want to turn the Magic v. Technology argument into a triangular one (Magic v. Psionics v. Technology). In my opinion, psionics doesn't get a whole lot of love so I want it in there, but because of prevailing opinion I don't want it to necesitate a key part of the setting. And underlying sub-current feels more appropriate, but that might change when I get to the point of defining psionics within the setting.

    Other thoughts on this particular blog and/or what people think I should do for psionics?
  15. Lowthor's Avatar
    Just an idea and it would require a few changes to what you've come up with but how about this:

    - Psionics revealed / discovered.
    - Revolution - Dragons + Magic vs Psionics

    This then leads to the anti-dragon kingdom being the home of psionics.
  16. Aerthos's Avatar
    In case it wasn't obvious, all of the names of people, places, and events are just placeholders so I didn't have to use <Name1>, <Place4>, etc. That would been messy, and silly names can be fun!
  17. Aerthos's Avatar
    Bring on all the ideas you can think of--seriously. I might use them, or just reading them might spark something equally interesting in my head. Either way, it certainly can't hurt.
  18. Rodgin Kemph's Avatar
    I was just going to say, if you're worried about your Viking's seafaring abilities, you can just run the old "quality vs quantity" route. I would think that a viking based culture would have to be good seafarers. In there day there was no one better, and even for quite some time after. Even still, versus the overwhelming fleet of the <South> they couldn't hold up, even if they were individually better.

    If you ever care to pick my brain on anything feel free. I'm loving watching this come together and I find I have thousands of useless facts up here I think might help.
  19. thisisaspace's Avatar
    The alignment in D&D can pretty much be removed without much trouble, and perhaps a few modification to where it matters (Smite evil is just Smite, works against anyone who's a nonworshiper of your deity/ideals, Protection spells works against creature with alignment subtypes). Good and evil still exist in an alignment-less world, but only as we understand it - an abstract concept, not a mechanic. such You can have a good priest and a bad priest even within the same religion.
    As for gods, angels and demons, they have alignment in their whole being. They are physically symbols of the alignment(s), that's why they have the Good subtype and the Evil subtype, just as you don't get any air genasi who find the earth element appealing. For a fiend to be good, something needs to have happened to it besides he just happened to be different. Perhaps a succubus bargained to serve a lawful good god instead being imprisoned forever, in which case the gods changed the succubus' nature and it's now technically a new entity.
  20. Ao's Avatar
    Seems to be coming along so quickly. I'm really interested in the gnoll viking culture and seeing how it develops.

    I also think you could fit in a cult of Gnome Supremacists...
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