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Particulars about specific classes, rebuilds/conversions, PrCs

  1. PF Hexblade


    In converting the hexblade I did an almost complete rewrite of the original class, simply because by the time the Complete series of 3.5 books was finished, the class was incredibly underpowered. The flavour was still there and wanted to keep that, so changed up the key ability of the hexblade curse (CON now) and the uses per day to be more on par with other classes.

    Also changed the hexblade to a spontaneous spellcaster, but have not yet worked on narrowing ...

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  2. Gambit-esque 3.5 base class

    So... I love Gambit. Hands down my favorite mutant from the X-Men universe. Sadly, there was no good way to translate him to 3.5 D&D, so I made my own conversion.

    DISCLAIMER: This class has had zero actual playtesting beyond 6th-8th level. It should play just fine, comparable to a ranger or psychic warrior, but... yeah. You've been warned.

    [Class] Card Wizard.doc
  3. PF Swashbuckler

    **This post and the attached file are subject to change as a result of playtesting**

    After a preliminary draft, here is the Swashbuckler from Complete Warrior converted to Pathfinder: PF Swashbuckler
    In summary, here are the changes we made:
    (1) Added a combat style feature similar to the ranger, but more limited in scope.
    (2) Moved the Grace and Dodge Bonus class features around and changed their scale.
    (3) Added Evasion at 9th level ...

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