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  1. Hlosterin Campaign - Session 89. 90

    Due to lack of demand and traffic, these are the last videos of this campaign being posted here on The Tangled Web via the Blog system. If you want to continue following us, please subscribe on Youtube or on, at the links provided below... or comment, and let me know if you want to continue to see them posted here!

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    Session 89
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    Session 90
  2. Hlosterin Campaign - Session 88

    In last night's session, the party delves into the deeper mines in search of Enorim. They learn how to operate dwarven elevators (the hard way), the effect of Grease on minecart riding (the hard way), and other sorts of hijinks.

    Full Playlist Here

  3. Hlosterin Campaign - Session 87

    In last night's session, we meet She-who-Stalks and Akoriel, and make our way into the other mineshaft, where She~ believes Enorim to still be.

    Full playlist here

  4. Hlosterin Campaign - Session 86

    After a month's holiday hiatus, we return where we left off. A difficult battle is joined, and a mysterious elven prisoner is released from a mad cleric's grasp.

    Full Playlist Here

  5. Hlosterin Campaign - Session 85

    In which we get on the trail of getting support and intel from powerful NPCs.

    Full Playlist Here

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