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    This is true. I figure that in a good game the players are providing about half the story, and the characters they build are what enables them to do that. If they're not going to do much besides roll up some stats and say "I cast magical missile at it" then I'd probably have more fun running my NPCs through the adventure I just created.

    If my PCs are asking me to challenge them, they ought to be ready also to challenge me. Not in a belligerent rules-lawyering fashion or metagaming, but I mean with story driven logic, planning, and smart tactics that arise out of the situation being played.

    I could go on, but there's enough to say about the player/PC to make a whole other article, which I'll probably write soon if no one else does.
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    I'd also add that players have a big responsibility here. If you keep playing the stock characters over and over then the game will grow stale and suffer. I mean how many times have we played with someone taking the Sir Sad, Knight of the Broken Heart emo guy, or the Naive Ranger/Druid forest freak, or knock offs of the Dragonlance, Drizz't or whatever the fantasy flavor of the month character is.

    If players dont step out and play interesting, inventive characters themselves. Jump into the RP with fun, clever or otherwise challenging characters than as GMs why should we go through the effort of crafting a campaign for them. As I see it, give me boring archetypes to work with and your going to get a boring dungeon.
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    Another well wrote blog entry Count_Dreadstone. The points you have said yourself are of course real ways to make a game more enjoyable.
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    Excellent review, I'm gonna have to give this game a try.